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Thomas Edison State University
111 W. State St.
Trenton, NJ 08608
(609) 777-5680

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Key Departments at Thomas Edison State University

Office of the President
Dr. George A. Pruitt, President
(609) 984-1105

Division of Academic Affairs
William J. Seaton, Provost and Vice President
(609) 984-1120

Division of Administration and Finance
Chris Stringer, Vice President
(609) 984-1110

Division of Community and Government Affairs
Robin A. Walton, Vice President
(609) 777-5694

Division of Enrollment Management and Learner Services
Dr. Mary Ellen Caro, Vice President
(609) 984-1130

Division of Planning and Research
Dr. Dennis W. Devery, Vice President
(609) 984-1151

Division of Public Affairs
John P. Thurber, Vice President
(609) 984-1155


Office of Facilities and Operations
Mary Hack, Director
(609) 984-1661

Office of Admissions and Enrollment Services
Juliette Punchello, Senior Director
Admissions Office: (609) 777-5680
(Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST)

Enrollment Services
Gillian Wyckoff, Director
(609) 777-5680
(Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST)

Office of Academic Advising
Pamela DeMartino, Director
Academic Expressline: (609) 777-5680
(Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. EST)

Questions about graduate programs send email to

Enrolled students may send questions via:

  • myEdison - Submit a HelpDesk ticket to the Office of Academic Advising.
  • - To ensure proper routing, include your degree program in the subject line. Example: AA, BA, BSBA etc.

Office of Alumni Affairs
Meg Frantz, Director
(609) 633-8592

Office of Student Financial Accounts
Philip Sanders, Director
(609) 984-4099

Center for the Assessment of Learning
Marc Singer, Vice Provost
(609) 984-1140

Center for Learning and Technology
Matthew Cooper, Associate Provost
(609) 292-6317

Office of Community and Government Affairs
Robin A. Walton, Vice President 
(609) 777-5694

Office of the Controller
John Schaible, Controller
(609) 292-2108

Office of Development
Misty Isak, Associate Vice President of Development
(609) 984-1588

Office of Financial Aid
James Owens, Director
(609) 633-9658

Office of General Counsel
Barbara M. Kleva, General Counsel
(609) 984-1124

Heavin School of Arts and Sciences
Dr. John Woznicki, Dean
(609) 984-1130

Office of Human Resources
Heather Brooks, Director 
(609) 984-1114

The John S. Watson Institute for Public Policy and
The John S. Watson School for Public Service and Continuing Studies
Dr. Joseph Youngblood II, Vice Provost and Dean
(609) 777-4351

Office of Management Information Systems (MIS)
Drew W. Hopkins, Chief Information Officer
(609) 984-3430

Office of Marketing and Communications
Joe Guzzardo, Associate Vice President, Director
(609) 777-3083

Office of Mentor Administration
Jamie Priester, Assistant Dean
(609) 777-5672

Office of Military and Veteran Education
Louis Martini, Associate Vice President
(609) 777-5696

Office of the Registrar
Catharine A. Punchello-Cobos,
University Registrar and Associate Vice President
(609) 777-5680 for course registration, transcripts, graduation

Students may contact the Office of the Registrar via:

School of Applied Science and Technology
Dr. John O. Aje, Dean
(609) 984-1130

School of Business and Management
Dr. Michael Williams, Dean
(609) 984-1130

W. Cary Edwards School of Nursing
Dr. Filomela Marshall, Dean
(609) 633-6460

Office of Strategic Partnerships
Janet Eickhoff, Associate Vice President
(609) 984-7188, ext. 3490

Office for Disability Support Services
Laura Brenner-Scotti, ADA coordinator
(609) 984-1141, ext. 3415
TTY (609) 341-3109

Technical Support
(609) 777-5680

Office of Testing and Support Services
Maureen Woodruff, Senior Director
(609) 984-1181