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Graduation Information

Graduation Date

Deadline to Submit Application, Fees and Official Transcripts

March January 1st
June April 1st
September July 1st
December October 1st

If you are enrolled in a TESU course that begins in…

You are eligible for…

September, October or November

March Graduation

December, January or February

June Graduation

March, April or May

September Graduation

June, July or August

December Graduation

When should I apply for graduation? top of page

  • The first step is to review your academic evaluation to determine that you have completed all of your remaining degree requirements.  If you have questions, please contact the Office of Academic Advising by sending an email to, or call our “Advising Expressline” at (609) 777-5680 (Mon-Fri 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. EST). In addition, you can schedule an appointment by accessing the “Advising Appointment” link located in the “Tools” box when you login to your MyEdison®.
  • Associate degree candidates should apply when they have at least 60 semester hours or more of credit applied to their degree.
  • Bachelor’s degree candidates should apply when they have at least 120 semester hours or more of credit applied to their degree. Some degree programs require more than 120 semester hours of credit; please refer to your evaluation.
  • Master’s degree candidates should apply when they have at least 36 semester hours or more of credit applied to their degree. Some degree programs require more than 36 semester hours of credit; please refer to your evaluation.

How do I apply for graduation? top of page

  • All students, with the exception of those with the program requirements listed below, file their graduation application through online student services.
  • You should first determine whether your current program requires one of these special forms:
  • After applying for graduation, you’ll be prompted to pay the graduation fee. The graduation fee is non-refundable. The application will not be submitted until the fee is paid!
  • Make sure you submit your application by the instructed deadline.

What happens after I submit my Request for Graduation form? top of page

  • You will receive an acknowledgement email from the Graduation office confirming that your form has been received and the degree for which you are applying. If you do not receive an acknowledgement email within two days from the date you submitted your form, please contact the Registrar’s Office.
  • A Graduation Auditor will then review your file to determine if you are qualified to graduate. Files are reviewed in the order in which they are received.

I have been certified for graduation… what happens next? top of page

  • If a Graduation Auditor has determined that you have met all of the requirements for your degree program, you will receive a certification email. The certification email will indicate the degree for which you have been certified and your anticipated graduation date. These emails are only sent after a student has been certified for graduation. It is important to review your email and verify that the information is correct.
  • Your name and degree will be presented to the Board of Trustees on the date of your graduation. While degrees are conferred to students after approval from the University’s Board of Trustees, the annual Commencement ceremony for graduates and their guests to attend occurs in the Fall.
  • Diploma packages will be mailed within ten business days from the date of graduation.
  • Students can request a duplicate diploma for a fee.
  • Although a student is certified for graduation before the actual graduation date, the degree will not appear as conferred on the Thomas Edison State University transcript until the next business day after graduation.

Will my diploma indicate my area of study? top of page

  • Your diploma will state your degree, but will not indicate your area of study/option. For example if you graduate with a BA degree in Liberal Studies your diploma will say Bachelor of Arts not Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies.

I haven’t met my degree requirements… now what happens? top of page

  • You may receive an email indicating that we need additional documents and that your official transcripts/grades must be submitted by a specified date. This only occurs if the official transcripts/grades are expected to arrive shortly and time will permit another review of your file.


  • In the event that you have not met your degree requirements, you will receive an email indicating that you have not met your degree requirements and/or you have a financial balance on your account. In this event, your file will be audited for the next available graduation. You will not be required to submit another graduation form or fee unless you change degree programs.

What are some things that can prevent me from graduating?  top of page

You have not met all of your degree requirements.
Carefully review your evaluation. Check that your evaluation says “0 S.H. “remaining. Your evaluation must say “0 S.H.” remaining before you can graduate.

All official transcripts and/or grades must be received before the deadline for graduation. If you have completed course work that is not appearing on your evaluation, you should request that your official transcript(s) be sent to the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible. Transcript and/or grades received after the graduation deadline could delay your graduation or even prevent it.
You are not actively enrolled with the University.
We encourage you to maintain your enrollment with the University until the time your degree requirements have been completed and you apply for graduation. If your enrollment status is inactive, you will need to meet criteria to apply for graduation as an inactive student. More information can be found on the Inactive students to apply for graduation.
You have not met the residency requirement for your program.
Certain special enrollment programs (ex. MDCP and the Per Credit Tuition Plan) require students to earn a specific amount of credit through Thomas Edison State University. A note will be included on your evaluation if you have a residency requirement. If you have not met the residency for your enrollment plan, you can pay the Credit Hour Residency Waiver Fee to remove this requirement. The Credit Hour Residency Waiver Fee is to be paid by students if they do not intend to meet the academic residency requirements of the University; this fee does not apply to students enrolled under the Comprehensive Tuition Plan or in the Joint Degree Program with Rutgers School of Health Related Professions.
You have a financial balance on your account.
You must have a zero balance on your account to be certified for graduation. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Accounts before you apply for graduation to verify that your balance is zero. If you incur a balance after you have applied for graduation, it must be paid before you can be certified for graduation.
Your overall TESU GPA, the GPA in English Composition and/or the GPA in your area of study/option do not meet the minimum requirement.
Undergraduate students must have an overall TESU GPA, an English Composition GPA and an area of study/option GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Graduate students must have an overall TESU GPA of 3.0 or higher.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call (609) 777-5680 or email We look forward to assisting you achieve your goal of becoming a proud Thomas Edison State University graduate!

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