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Undergraduate Registration Guidelines

Please review this information carefully, as it contains information crucial to your success in the course. For questions about your registration, course status changes, or final course grades, please feel free to contact the Office of the Registrar at (609) 777-5680, or by submitting a HelpDesk case in myEdison®. Students will need to review and sign the Student Agreement in Online Student Services prior to being able to register for courses.

To help you find relevant information as quickly as possible, information about course registration is organized into the following sections:

Graduate Registration Guidelines

Click below for guidelines and information about registering for a graduate course.

Click Here for Guidelines »

What the Course Suffixes Mean: top of page

Accessing Your Courses: top of page

Thomas Edison State University provides students and faculty with 24-hour access to their courses. To access the site, your browser must be a recent version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox. Please contact your ISP for assistance in upgrading your browser. Your course will be made available online the Friday before the first day of the term.

Accessing Online Student Services

You may log in using one of the methods below:

  • If you have an existing account for myEdison, please continue to use the established Username and Password to access your course(s).
  • To obtain your User ID and Password, go to Online Student Services first and select the “I’m new to Online Student Services” and follow the prompts. A temporary password will be generated and emailed to you. After initial login, you will be required to change your password. Additional password information is available by admissions.
  • For most students, your user ID will be your first name, followed by a period, then your last name (example: frank.smith). Students who have the same first and last names will be assigned a number to provide them with unique user IDs (example: frank.smith2).

How to access the University Portal/Moodle courses: top of page

To access the University Portal, you will use the same login name and password as Online Student Services (OSS), but will insert the domain of: students\ in front of your first name.last name user name.

For example, your user name will be: students\jane.smith

Your password will be the same one you use for Online Student Services (OSS).

Your existing OSS password may allow you access to OSS but may not work upon initial login to the University Portal. 

If you experience this type of error while logging into the University Portal, or if you have forgotten your password or receive a password error, visit the Password Reset page for more information. If you still are unable to log into the University Portal after resetting your password, submit a ticket through OSS or send an email to

Access University Portal/Moodle course space »

Moodle Course Space: top of page

Once you are in the University Portal click on your Moodle class. On the first attempt you may get an error like these below. Please watch the Portal Login Instructional Video to fix these issues.

  1. The login to Moodle failed.
    SSO credentials for user "0#.w|students\thomas.edison" could not be found in application "MoodleSSO" Enter your credentials.
  2. The login to Moodle failed. Click here to enter your Moodle username and password.

For additional assistance, please send an email to the Enrolled Services at

Course Fees, Financial Aid & Veterans Benefits: top of page

If you need a receipt, you can generate term statements using Online Student Services.

If you need a receipt, contact the Office of Student Financial Accounts at (609) 984-4099 or by sending an email to You can also mail your request to:

The Office of Student Financial Accounts
Thomas Edison State University
111 W. State St.
Trenton, NJ 08608

If are planning to use VA Benefits for this course, you must submit your VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE) using the Veteran Benefits Information Sheet (VBIS). Please view information on how to obtain a CoE.

You may contact the Office of Financial Aid at (609) 633-9658 or by sending an email to

If you have Thomas Edison State University Financial Aid, please remember that federal and New Jersey state financial aid is awarded only for enrollment in Thomas Edison State University Guided Study (GS) and Online (OL or NU) courses. Financial aid will not be awarded for TECEP exams (TE), Prior Learning Assessment (PA) or e-Pack (EP) courses. In order for your course tuition and fees to be paid by financial aid, you must register for courses in the specific terms that you requested in your award letter. Please check your course confirmation letters against your Thomas Edison State University Financial Aid Award Letter to ensure that you are in compliance with all your award specifications. If you register in courses outside of the terms you requested or in the course types listed above as non-FA approved, your financial aid won’t be awarded and you will be responsible for the course tuition and fees. You will also be responsible for the University enrollment fee you selected. If you wish to change your courses so that they will be accepted for financial aid, please contact the Office of the Registrar immediately by entering a HelpDesk ticket via myEdison®.

Ordering Course Materials & Textbooks: top of page

You may purchase your course materials from any available source. For your convenience, all materials for your courses are available from the University bookstore. To review the materials needed, visit the University’s book supplier online and follow the instructions below:

  • Click “Let’s Get Started”
  • Select your term, program and courses and then click “View Your Materials”
  • A list of course materials will appear and you will see information about the book, including its title, edition and ISBN number, and have the option to purchase

Please have your term and course information available when you order to determine what materials are needed for your course.

Access the University’s course materials page

The Course Manual and Syllabus are essential to every course except e-Pack® and Prior Learning Assessment. You will find the Student Handbook in your course space. Please read it thoroughly. By becoming familiar with all information in the Student Handbook, you will avoid last minute problems that might prevent you from satisfying the course requirements.

  • OL, GS and NU students: Your Course Manual is located in your online course site.
  • EP Students: There is no Course Manual or other course materials, just a textbook.
  • PA and PR Students: No course materials or textbooks will need to be purchased. However, the course mentor may suggest to you readings and additional materials to support your Prior Learning Assessment narrative.

Important Student Forms: top of page

Access Student Forms
Links to Course Withdrawal Forms, Course Extension Forms, and Student Data Change Forms

Proctor Request Form: If your course has examinations, you must print, complete, and mail the Proctor Request Form to the Office of Test Administration no later than the first week of the term.

The Office of Test Administration
Thomas Edison State University
111 West State St.
Trenton, NJ 08608

Proctor Request Forms are available on the Student Forms page.

The Proctor Request Form must be submitted every term, even if you are using the same proctor you have used before. Please note that if you transferred to a new course, you will need to resubmit your Proctor Request Form to the Office of Test Administration with the new course information. If you do not submit the completed Proctor Request Form to the University, your examinations will NOT be mailed to your proctor. Complete information explaining these forms is located in the Course Manual. For questions about testing arrangements or proctors, contact the Office of Test Administration at (609) 984-1181 or by entering a HelpDesk ticket through myEdison.

Attention EP students: Your Proctor Request Form is different than the one for other types of courses, so be sure to use the one with the title Proctor Request Form – e-Pack®.

Nursing, Prior Learning Assessment and Practicum courses DO NOT require proctored examinations.

Final Course Grades: top of page

Final course grades will be available for viewing via the Online Student Service page by two weeks after the term end date, or by the date indicated on the Grade Submission Calendar. If you request and receive an approved extension, your mentor will submit your final course grade when all course requirements have been fulfilled. A final grade will be issued at that time. If you need an unofficial final grade, please contact your mentor directly. (Note that the mentor could receive a paper/pencil exam about a week after you take it. Please allow time before you contact the mentor.) If you haven’t requested an extension and your mentor is only missing your final examination as of the date he or she is required to submit the final course grade, your mentor will give you an "I" (Incomplete) final grade. If the examination is not received by six weeks after the term end date, the "I" (Incomplete) grade automatically becomes an "IF" (Incomplete Failure). If this course completes your degree requirements for a Thomas Edison State University degree, you should apply for graduation after you complete the course. All course grades are reported as letter grades with the exception of PA (Prior Learning Assessment), PR (Practicum) and EP (e-Pack), noted below. Grades for PA, PR and EP courses are reported as Credit or No Credit only.

Graduation: top of page

If this course completes your degree requirements for a Thomas Edison State University degree, you should apply for graduation. If you have an approved extension, your final grade will be released after your mentor submits an updated final grade.