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Hear From Our Grads

Jacob Klemm, BS

"I enjoyed taking classes from home and not in the confines of a conventional setting of having to sit in a classroom…it’s nice to have the flexibility..."

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Kevin Kernahan, BSBA

"To have some strategy behind what you learn and how you learn is very rewarding... you might as well organize your efforts in a way to get it recognized."

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Vietthi Nguyen, BSAST

"As a military member, I am busy serving our country, protecting our freedom and serving my family…TESU was the number one pick for me because it offers flexibility..."

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Tiffany Wasson, AAS

"I’ve always wanted to get a college degree, it’s just that when you marry a military man it’s hard because you move around…I’ve had a great experience at Thomas Edison..."

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Nancy Distelkamp, BSN

"The most important thing about earning my degree has increasing my self-confidence and having the recognition that I have my BSN now."

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Mandy Starnes, MSN

"My husband is in the Navy and we have to move a lot…Thomas Edison allows me to take my classes with me…it was very convenient for us..."

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Ana Gatson, MSM

"I came into the military when I was 18 years old. No matter what you plan for, you will always be ‘busy.’ You have to make a commitment to yourself… just take that first step."

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Charles Thomson, Jr., BA

"My kids are very busy with sports. My wife is very busy with work, so it made it real easy for me..."

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Yolanda Soto, BA

"Just because I decided to take that leap of faith to finish my degree, all these doors opened up..."

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Corinne Rao, BSBA

"It was a 24-year course overall, but I've succeeded and it is the most important thing. It shows my children that I can do it, it shows my self that I can do it..."

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James Hooper, BA

"It seems like I have been going to school for 25 years. Thomas Edison was such a great thing for me because I was able to transfer so many credits..."

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Farzana Haider, BA

"I feel I am more competent now and that I can show my children how valuable education is. I'm setting the example for them..."

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Herbert Coleman, BA

"I was amazed to see how many credits this college accepted... I had amassed quite a few over the years...It means the world to me..."

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Barbara Becker, AAS & BSBA

"My experience as a student at the college was very fulfilling. It was a nontraditional way..."

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Robey Reed, BSAST

"I looked at a lot of schools when I was in the military, and from what I saw..."

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Maureen Hennessey, BA

"Thomas Edison wasn’t like anything I expected. It’s a great opportunity to go at your own pace to earn a degree."

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Tanvi Kothari, BA

"Thomas Edison State University made getting a degree very convenient. Thomas Edison also offered..."

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Jim Harrington, BA

"I never dreamed I would have my degree at this age. I thought it was something..."

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Helene Loeb, BSHS

"Thomas Edison really prepared me to become a leader and interact as well as instruct and support the nurses that are out on the unit.."

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Holly Pitti, BSBA

"I wanted to show my kids that education was important. I have five children and the flexibility..."

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Maryanne Spatola, BS

"Finishing my degree was a tremendous leg up for me in terms of marketability..."

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James V. McGuire IV, BSHS

"My father always told me he wanted me to go to college. My father never finished high school..."

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Kristina Romero, BA

"...the best thing about Thomas Edison... your workload is whatever you want to make it..."

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Ashley Pistorio, BSAST

"I wasn't really sure what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I knew I needed a degree to go anywhere...."

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Rolondo Gorostiza, BSAST

"My experiences as a student were nothing short of wonderful..."

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Michael Mendes, MAEdL

"I can tell my expectations were exceeded. The school did so much for me. It helped me get where I am now..."

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Irving Cintron, AAS

"I have done everything online which to me was exceptional..."

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Dailys Cintron, AA

"Thomas Edison State University accepted more of my credits from my other university..."

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Peter Brenner III, BS

"I ran into a glass ceiling because I didn’t have a degree…Because the program is accredited, I could pursue my professional engineering license once I earned my degree."

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Rachel Moore, MSHRM

"I work in New York and have a long commute so the ability to work on my classwork when I had the time provided a good work-life balance..."

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Pedro Amaro, BSAST

"I have a demanding job and a family… Thomas Edison allowed me to pick me courses and that was best way for me to finish a little faster than if I went to a more traditional school..."

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Tiffany Jenkins, BSHS

"The mentors were awesome. They were always available. It really defied my stereotype of what it would be like to go to school online..."

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Dean Clemente, BSOL

"You come across a lot of different people geographically… that interaction added a great deal of value because I was able to obtain a different dimension and perspective from other professionals..."

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Brian Fogarty, BSAST

"When I looked at schools, Thomas Edison really had the edge over all the other schools, even looking at private schools near my home outside of Philadelphia..."

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Fakera Nazneen, MSM

"I liked the flexibility it offered and that the whole school is supportive of your goal..."

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Winfried Dzandu-Hedidor, BA

"Some of the courses I took included Intercultural Relationships… for an organization like the UN, that lesson of how to communicate with people of varied back-ground assisted me a lot..."

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Jessica Vaz, BA

"I loved the flexibility the school offered and that is what made me chose Thomas Edison..."

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Joseph Bonefont, BSN

"I had gone as far as my nursing diploma would allow me to in my career. The online format fit into my schedule."

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Robert Pelsang II, BSBA

"I was homeless for a few years after I become a disabled veteran. The ADA coordinator explained that there was an easier way. That changed my life… I’m now working with the VA in Newark."

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Theresa Covello, BSN

"I have four children and now two grandchildren and I worked, so my life was always..."

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Colleen Schenk, BA

"I was able to complete my degree and fulfill a dream that I had, while being able to work and care for my family."

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Sudesh Joshi-Chhibbar, BSN

"Online courses are very helpful for busy nurses because we don't have to leave our home..."

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Malik Rivers, BA

"It was a great experience. As long as you put the work in, Thomas Edison is the place to get it done."

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Ursula Gowran, BSN

"I loved the flexibility of going to school online. It’s very convenient and the mentors are really supportive."

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John Kurzenberger, BA

"Coming to Thomas Edison State University was the only way I could complete my degree..."

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Cheryl Jefferson, MSM

"The experience developed my leadership skills much more than I already had..."

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Saher Malik, BA

"Thomas Edison was very flexible and the professors were very accommodating and very helpful..."

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Dexter Trotter, BA

"My inspiration for going back and finishing my degree was my daughter and my family..."

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Towanda Edwards, BA

"I didn't want to be one of those parents who says you must to go to college but hadn't done so..."

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Julio Hoyos, BSBA

"I wanted to show my kids that no matter what, you can do it..."

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Benjamin Vonderreith, BSAST

"One of the reasons I went to Thomas Edison is that they accepted so much of my Navy training..."

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Angela Gibson, BSBA

"In order to get back out into the workforce, I had to complete my degree..."

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Anne Rudolph, BA

"I finally found a profession I was interested in and I had to have a degree within that field, so that was what inspired me to comeback..."

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Joyce Serdinsky, BA

"I had to say no to certain things and yes to my books, and it was worth it 100 percent..."

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Jennifer Consuegra, BS

"I think what I liked best about it was that I could make my own schedule..."

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Joan Martins, BA

"My inspiration for returning to college to finish my degree was a personal one. I needed to finish something I started before I had a family..."

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Patricia Stevens, BSN

"I finally had the opportunity after my children were grown to fulfill my dream..."

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Kyle Robertson, BSBA

"My target was to graduate before my first child and he just turned 13, so I made it with some spare time..."

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Michele DeNoia, MSM

"It was a wonderful experience..."

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Tambra Butler, BA

"It was a goal of mine ever since I graduating high school 20 years ago...for my parents, and my dad especially..."

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Keisha Patrick, BSBA

"Pretty much I wanted to get my bachelor's degree to pursue other opportunities and because I have two teenage boys so I wanted for them to see that this is possible..."

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Mia Keay, BSBA

"I always wanted to get my degree but I started working right after high school and a certain point I realized I would probably not be able to advance in my career unless I had a four-year degree..."

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Tina Smith-Jeffries, BA

"It was challenging at times... There were long nights, large cups of coffee but it paid off in the end..."

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Hazel Gordon-Suppa, BSN

"It's about getting the patient care possible; the more knowledge you have, the better equipped you are to take care of the patients..."

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Daniel Palermo, BA

"I had to take the time for my children to go college, which they have successfully done, and I felt it was time with the military's assistance for me to return to school and accomplish my degree..."

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Victor Dent, BA

"It is very convenient taking classes online. You can do your studies over the weekend, at night or in the wee hours of the morning..."

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Dorothy Withers, BSN

"When I finished my BSN, I felt like I had achieved another level of understanding..."

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Gary Fassler, BSN

"I graduated from nursing school when I was 50, so it's never too late to change and to advance..."

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Leslie Beck, BSN

"I chose the University because it afforded me that wonderful flexibility...The University made it a realistic goal..."

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Daniel Burfeind, BSN

"Thomas Edison, first of all, is an excellent nursing program. The professors and all the mentors are..."

Watch Daniel »

Allison Polanski, MAEDL

"I feel like I am so much better at what I do now then when I first started."

Watch Allison »

Vi-Anne Antrum, DNP

"I was able to understand and build on the foundation that I already had to be able to serve people better."

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Frank L. Parker, BA

"When my youngest was born about four years ago, I thought, well look, I'll be insisting that he goes to college. I need to do this myself first to set an example"

Watch Frank »

Tina Matthews, MALS

"I actually started out wanting to just get my associate degree and before I knew it, I just started enjoying all the classes and then I just segued into the master’s."

Watch Tina »

Toni M. Terry, BA

"I am 67 years old, soon to be 68, and to be able to say I did this at this day in my life is just gratification for my own self."

Watch Toni »

Christopher Steade, BS

"After 20 plus years in the military and combat medic school, I finished by bachelor’s degree. Step by step, one class at a time, anything can be accomplished."

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