General Counsel

The General Counsel of Thomas Edison State University serves as the chief legal officer for the institution and the New Jersey State Library and is responsible for managing the legal affairs and overseeing the provision of legal services for the University and State Library.  The General Counsel advises the University President and the Board of Trustees on all legal issues relating to University and State Library, including the review of contracts, internal policies and procedures and serving as the Ethics Liaison Officer of the University and State Library.

The General Counsel also handles the full range of legal issues for the University and State Library, including employment matters, adversarial proceedings, business transactions, student affairs and compliance with federal and state laws and supervises outside counsel who assist with specialized areas of the law and litigation.  All matters requiring legal advice or legal action should be referred to the General Counsel.

Unviersity General Counsel:
Barbara M. Kleva
(609) 984-1124