Inactive Students to Apply for Graduation

The graduation application is necessary to start the graduation audit process and the graduation fee is a required, nonrefundable fee that is paid by students at the time they apply for graduation and covers the cost of permanent maintenance of the graduate record.

Students that are permitted to apply for graduation as an inactive student must meet the following criteria:

  1. The student’s most recent Thomas Edison State University course was completed within last 36 months
  2. The student cannot be inactive for more than 3 years
  3. The student must meet the 16 credit residency requirement, have previously been a Comprehensive student for the minimum of one year or pay the residency waiver fee.

For students whose enrollment has lapsed within the last 36 months, have met the Thomas Edison State University 16 credit residency and whose most recent TESU Online/Guided Study or e-Pack credits are no more than thirty-six months old, the payment of the graduation fee allows for a graduation audit for students to be considered for graduation. During this review, an audit of additional transfer credits, financial balances and all other requirements for the degree will be reviewed. If the degree requirements are complete, the student’s degree will be certified and conferred at the next Board of Trustees meeting.

In order to apply for graduation as an inactive student, students must complete the checklist and meet all requirements. This form is only for students that meet the above criteria and are eligible to apply for graduation as an inactive student. This form should not be completed by currently enrolled students who can apply for graduation through Online Student Services.


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