About Student Tax Forms - 1098T

Below are some common questions and answers regarding the 1098-T, which the University sends to students.

I received a 1098-T in the mail what is it for?

The University is required by law to send out 1098-Ts to all students who were billed qualifying tuition and fees. Students may be eligible to claim an educational tax credit.


Can the Thomas Edison State University provide me with information on the tax credits?

The best source of information on the educational tax credits is directly from the IRS. The information can be found in IRS publication 970 Tax Benefits for Education.


Can the University help me determine if I'm eligible for one of the education tax credits?

No, we recommend that you consult a tax professional to determine your eligibility.


How can I get a statement of the tuition and fees I paid the University?

The University will mail a statement to your home address upon receipt of your request. You can make your request electronically by sending an email to studentaccts@tesu.edu. You can also call (609) 984-4099.


Can I receive a 1098T electronically?

Yes. Thomas Edison State University is working with ECSI, which serves more than 1,300 educational institutions throughout the country, to provide our students the opportunity to receive their 1098T Tax Form electronically. To provide consent to receive your 1098T form electronically, use the link below and follow the simple instructions to sign up.

  • Step 1: Visit the Electronic 1098T Signup page
  • Step 2: Signup for Electronic Tax Documents by entering your Student ID#, Name, and Email Address (with the option to include an alternate email address). ECSI's website is a secure website and ECSI will not share your private information with anyone. This email is strictly sent to gather your consent for receiving an electronic 1098T Form.
  • Step 3: Read information, check box and click submit.

If you have any questions, please visit www.ecsi.net/taxinfo.html for information regarding your tax documents and to obtain contact information for ECSI.


Do I need to ensure my address information is complete to receive a 1098T Tax Form?

Yes. Regardless of how you receive your 1098T, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires a complete mailing address on the tax form. The University cannot produce an electronic or paper 1098T Tax Form if there is missing address information, such as a street, state or zip code.

Review and/or update your mailing address.


When can I expect to receive the 1098T?

The IRS requires the 1098T be sent by January 31. In most cases, the form is sent during the last week of January prior to the 31st.