MyCAA Help

Spouses are encouraged to work with their School Academic Advisor or call a Military OneSource Career/Education Consultant at (800) 342-9647 if they need help in:

  • Establishing a MyCAA Account and signing the MyCAA Statement of Understanding (SOU)
  • Choosing a portable career and establishing a career goal
  • Developing a career plan (selecting courses, exams, other needed services)
  • Looking up school(s) of choice in the MyCAA AI Portal
  • Requesting that a new school be added if the school of choice is not already listed.
  • Requesting financial assistance through MyCAA to pay for courses of study or related licensing and credentialing services provided by other agencies (e.g. Bar or CPA exams, state certification exams for teachers and nurses, finger printing, drug testing, security checks, etc.)