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Tuition and Fees

2020-2021 Tuition and Fees
For non-nursing undergraduate degree programs only
Application fee: $50 – currently waived for military and veteran students
Active Duty Military Tuition (per credit): $250 per credit
Lower Level TECEP Exams (100-200):
Upper Level TECEP Exams (300-400):
$50 per credit
$75 per credit
Graduation fee: $298
Credit Hour Residency Waiver Fee
Military Rate: $3,192

*Tuition effective 7/1/19 to 9/30/20. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Participants pay the application fee at the time of application. The tuition is paid at the time of course registration. Text and materials are extra and cost varies per course. Students can order textbooks and course materials directly from MBS Direct at: (800) 325-3252.

NOTE: The Credit Hour Residency Waiver Fee is a one-time fee that only applies to military-enrolled students who do not wish to earn the minimum residency requirement of 12 credits toward an associate or 24 credits toward a bachelor’s degree via the University’s Online (OL), Guided Study (GS) courses or TECEP (TE) exams, before they complete their program of study. Students electing to use the residency waiver option have 12 months from the time of payment to complete their degree.

Important Note for Active-Duty Military Personnel:

  • Active-duty military personnel who enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program will pay the nursing program tuition rate.
  • Active-duty military personnel who enroll in the graduate-level degree programs will pay the graduate tuition rate or MBA tuition (if enrolled in the MBA program).

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) requires students using VA educational (GI Bill) benefits to be placed into a per-credit tuition plan. The VA requires this because other traditional tuition plans that require students to pay a larger amount up front and take classes throughout a 12-month enrollment period can be problematic and costly for the student and the VA. This is especially true if a student only takes a few credits throughout the enrollment period. Placing VA students into a per-credit tuition plans helps alleviate this issue.

In accordance with VA guidance, Thomas Edison State University places all VA students no longer qualifying for contracted military tuition programs into the Per Credit Tuition Plan (PCTP). Under this plan, undergraduate tuition will be assessed on a per-credit basis.

Whether or not a student will have out-of-pocket expenses depends on which chapter of the GI Bill they are using and whether they are covered at 100 percent or not. Some chapters are designed to have students pay for tuition up front and receive reimbursement from the VA following certification. Other chapters do not require students to pay for tuition up front and the tuition is sent from the VA to the University following certification. If you have specific questions about your educational benefit, please contact the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs directly at (888) 442-4551.

Financial Aid Shopping Sheet
Thomas Edison State University provides two versions of the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet (FASS). The FASS is designed to help you estimate the cost of attending Thomas Edison State University during the current Academic Year and identify potential sources of financial aid so you can easily compare Thomas Edison State University with other institutions and make an informed decision about where to attend school. This tool is provided as part of Thomas Edison State University’s commitment to the Principles of Excellence under Presidential Executive Order 13607.

The first version of the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet is available to any prospective, applicant or enrolled student. A second version is available to currently enrolled students via your Online Student Services account and will display detailed financial aid information if you have been awarded such.

Important Note for Using Your Service’s Tuition Assistance
Students attending Thomas Edison State University are expected to participate and fully engage in all academically related activities. Examples of these activities include making submissions to online discussion boards, communicating within the class lounge forum, dialoguing with mentors within the private mentor forum, submitting assignments and completing exams and quizzes when due. Students must review course calendars for the timing and types of submissions expected. Note: Merely logging into or viewing your courses does not constitute academic engagement.

The University will periodically review student progress and engagement during each term. Failure to sign into your courses and complete your scheduled course work on time may result in an adjustment or termination of federally sponsored financial support, such as Military Tuition Assistance, Veterans Education Benefits or other Title IV Financial Aid (grants and loans). Such decertification or adjustments may lead to cancellation of benefits or recoupment by the sponsoring agency for any monies paid to students (or to the University on student’s behalf) for enrolling in these courses, including tuition, fees, housing allowance and book stipends. Such cancellation or recoupment does not negate the student’s financial obligation to the University; they may be held responsible for all charges incurred for the courses in which they are enrolled.

Military and Veteran Portal

Updating Your Military Affiliation

Active duty servicemembers, family members and veterans are eligible for a discounted military tuition rate. However, your military tuition rate may change once you or your active duty family member (sponsor) retire or separate from active duty service. We ask that you update your military status on an annual basis.

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