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Open Course Option

The Open Course option allows students to earn credits by taking free, open, online courses from the Saylor Academy that are aligned with the University’s prior learning assessment program. Credits earned via the Open Course option can be applied to most undergraduate degree programs at Thomas Edison State University, including the entire Associate in Science in Business Administration degree.

The option enables students to take open courses at no cost and then apply what they learned in those open courses by successfully completing a portfolio assessment or the University’s credit-by-exam program, TECEP®. Some credits can also be earned by passing a College-Level Exam Program (CLEP) exam or Saylor's NCCRS exams, which have been evaluated and recommended for college credit by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS).

The Open Course option is self-paced, so students can complete courses and assessments on their own schedule, independent from monthly semesters and deadlines.

In addition to the entire Associate in Science in Business Administration degree, students can use this option to earn credits that satisfy general education elective or free elective requirements for most undergraduate degree programs at the University. The Open Course option also provides a great opportunity for students who may have some background knowledge on a particular topic but not enough to complete a prior learning assessment on their own. With the Open Course option, students can brush up on the sections they need, then take the assessment.

TESU Course Requirements Saylor Open Course Assessment for Credit
ENC-101 English Composition I ENGL001 English Composition I TECEP: ENC-101
ENC-102 English Composition II ENGL002 English Composition II TECEP: ENC-102
MAT-121 College Algebra MA001 College Algebra TECEP: MAT-121, NCCRS or Ace Credit
STA-201 Introduction to Statistics MA121 Introduction to Statistics TECEP: STA-201 or Ace Credit
ECO-111 Macroeconomics ECON102 Macroeconomics Portfolio, CLEP or Ace Credit
ECO-112 Microeconomics ECON101 Microeconomics TECEP: ECO-112, Portfolio, CLEP or Ace Credit
POS-101 Introduction to Political Science POLSC101 Introduction to Political Science TECEP: POS-101
POS-282 Introduction to Comparative Politics POLSC221 Introduction to Comparative Politics TECEP: POS-282 or Ace Credit
PHI-286 Contemporary Ethics PHIL103 Moral/Political Philosophy Portfolio
ECO-491 International Economics ECON307 International Trade Portfolio
HIS-126 World History from 1600-present HIST103 World History in Modern Era TECEP: HIS-126
ACC-101 Principles of Financial Accounting BUS103 Introduction to Financial Accounting TECEP: ACC-101 or Ace Credit
ACC-102 Principles of Managerial Accounting BUS105 Managerial Accounting TECEP: ACC-102
LAW-201 Business Law BUS205 Business Law and Ethics Portfolio, CLEP, NCCRS or Ace Credit
MAN-301 Principles of Management BUS208 Principles of Management Portfolio, NCCRS or Ace Credit
MAR-301 Principles of Marketing BUS203 Principles of Marketing Portfolio, NCCRS or Ace Credit
COS-101 Introduction to Computers/CIS CS101 Introduction to Computer Science I Portfolio, NCCRS or Ace Credit
OPM-351 Business Statistics BUS204 Business Statistics NCCRS or Ace Credit
MAN-432 Small Business Management BUS305 Small Business Management Portfolio
MAN-435 Project Management BUS402 Project Management Portfolio
COM-202 Intro to Business Communications BUS210 Corporate Communications Portfolio, NCCRS or Ace Credit
CMP-354 Network Technology CS402 Computer Communications and Networks TECEP: CMP-354
NEG-401 Negotiations and Conflict Management BUS403 Business Negotiations and Conflict Management TECEP: NEG-401
ETH-210 Environmental Ethics ENVS203 Environmental Ethics, Justice, and World Views TECEP: ETH-210 or Ace Credit
ENG-201 Technical Writing ENG-210 Technical Writing TECEP: ENG-201