Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Dr. John Woznicki
Dr. John Woznicki discusses why the liberal arts matter today.

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) degree program is designed for working professionals interested in applying the rigorous study of the liberal arts to their chosen professions. Students may tailor their Master's program to profession or their interests by selecting a Learner-Designed Area of Study or areas of study focusing on Digital Humanities, Geropsychology, Industrial Organizational Psychology, Online Learning and Teaching or Professional Communications.

Each program focuses on the links between the liberal arts and a student's career, which enables them to gain specific competencies and perspectives that can make a difference in their career. The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies is a 36-credit program.

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Course Credits
I. Core Courses 18
LAP-500 The Liberal Arts and Professional Life (3)
SAM-501 Sense of Community I: Art and Morality (3)
SAM-502 Sense of Community II: Faith and Reason (3)
CCR-610 Change, Conflict and Resolution (3)
SIC-520 The Species, The Individual and Community (3)
THC-625 Technology and the Human Community (3)
II. Area of Study 12
Digital Humanities  
Industrial Organizational Psychology  
Professional Communications  
Online Learning and Teaching  
Learner-Designed Area of Study  
III. MALS Capstone  6
MLS-700 and MLS-710  
Total 36


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