Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Michael Williams, associate dean
Watch Alicia Malone, assistant dean in the School of Business and Management, discuss the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) and how it serves adult learners.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree is a 120-credit program that helps adults achieve college-level competence in business and the arts and sciences.

What You Will Learn in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Program

Students select the area of study, or major, that matches their profession or interest. All students must complete a capstone requirement, Strategic Management, which integrates content across the degree program and validates the students' knowledge. Students may also complete a Demonstration of Currency (DOC) conference with a mentor to address contemporary developments common to the topics being covered.

Students may select from the following areas of study: 

Business Transfer Credits

Within the BSBA Areas of Study, up to 50 percent of the courses in the area of study may be older than 7 years from the most current date of application to the University. Any additional older credits applicable to the area of study would have to undergo a currency review before being placed in this area of the degree. The BSBA capstone course, Strategic Management, has a currency limitation of no more than 5 years old in order to apply toward the Core requirement.   


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