Graduate Degree Programs

Leadership. This is the cornerstone of a graduate degree from Thomas Edison State University.

Whether you are an RN going back for a master's degree in nursing, an executive who wants to gain management fundamentals or a law enforcement officer seeking graduate certification in homeland security, Thomas Edison State University enables you to choose your path to leadership. Our programs are high-quality, accredited and delivered online. And best of all, our state-of-the-art courses allow you to achieve your goals with the timing that's right for you.

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*these programs require valid professional certifications and/or licenses.

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Graduate Admission Deadlines

To start January 1st:
Apply by November 15th

To start April 1st:
Apply by February 15th

To start July 1st:
Apply by May 15th

To start October 1st:
Apply by August 15th

Graduate Business Admission Deadlines

To start January 1st:
Apply by December 12th

To start May 2nd:
Apply by April 17th

To start September 1st:
Apply by August 15th