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Mentors at Thomas Edison State University

The University has approximately 675 mentors who facilitate students’ academic progress.

Mentors are selected because of their academic and experiential preparation as well as their commitment to serving adult learners. They provide guidance for students as they progress through their course work and represent qualified faculty from other accredited colleges and universities. Mentors make assessments of students' completed assignments, course examinations and assign course grades. They are available to students via email, online courses and phone. We require that all graduate-level course mentors hold a terminal degree. Many also have extensive professional experience.

Heavin School of Arts and Sciences

Thomas A Adamo
MA, Monmouth University
Rajendra Adhikari
PhD, University of Arkansas
Mohammad Ahrar
PhD, South Dakota State University
Shara Ali
PhD, University of St. Andrews
Pamela Allen
DM, University of Phoenix
Kelly Alverson
PhD, Salve Regina University
Marcos Arandia
PhD, University of Dallas
Bruce Makoto Arnold
PhD, Louisiana State University and Agricultural Mechanical College
Nicholas Barbella
MS, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Robert Bass
PhD, Bowling Green State University
Sanjiv Behl
PhD, University of Houston
Janice Bella
PhD, Northcentral University
Rekah Bhowmik
PhD, India Institute of Technology
Sara Bielek
PsyD, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Augustus Black
PhD, Walden University
Miles Blanton
PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Csaba Boer
MS, New York University
Ildiko Boer
MS, Montclair State University
Mustafa Bostanci
PhD, Clarkson University
E. Thomas Boulette
PhD, Iowa State University
Corey Boyer
MS, Florida Institute of Technology
Stephen Paul Boyer
PhD, The Pennsylvania State University
John Bradley
MSLS, Drexel University
Elizabeth Brown
MSW, Temple University
Raushan Buzyakova
PhD, Moscow State University
Roberta Campbell
PhD, University of Kentucky
Philip Cantor
MBA, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Lisa M. Carlucci
MS, Thomas Edison State University
Lynn Cates
PhD, The University of Texas, Austin
Nishi Chawla
PhD, The George Washington University
Derek W. Clem
MFA, Illinois State University
James Cliber
MA, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jim Cody
DLitt, Drew University
Stuart Cohen
PhD, Queen Mary College, University of London
Debora Colbert
PhD, Colorado State University
Cynthia T. Cook
PhD, Texas Woman's University
Steven Cooke
MChE, Illinois Institute of Technology
Nathan Robert Cox
PhD, University of Kansas
Dale Coye
PhD, Princeton University
Stephen Crescenzi
MSM, College of New Jersey
Vistasp P. Dalal
MS, Wichita State University
Frank Demos
MA, Florida State University
Robert L. Dew
MA, New York Institute of Technology
Lisa DiDonato
PhD, West Virginia University
Margaret Dillon
DC, Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic
Gregory Dlabach
EdD, University of Arkansas
Nickolas H. Dominello
PhD, Capella University
Jackie Dees Domingue
PhD, Texas A&M University
Richard Dool
DMgt, University of Maryland
Michael E. Downey
PhD, Georgetown University
Christopher Drew
MEd, Seton Hall University
Donna J. Duellberg
EdD, Boston University
Keith Earnshaw
PhD, Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute
Michael Edmondson
PhD, Temple University
Aric Eidadu
PhD, Howard Payne University
Christopher L. Elg
MA, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  Gary Falcone
EdD, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Gary Faraci
MS, Mississippi State University
Christine Ferri
PhD, Duke University
Bruce Franklin
MA, Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Douglas Frost
MS, College of Staten Island
Gina Gagen
EdD, Argosy University
Lorraine Gass
MA, New York Institute of Technology
Christina Giacona
DMA, University of Oklahoma
Stephen Glass
PhD, Southern Illinois University
Dennis L. Goyette Sr.
MS, University of Lowell
Warren Gramm
MA, Johns Hopkins University
Steven Gregor EdD, Nova Southeastern University Shayne Grove Phd, Capella University
Sara Grant
PhD, New York University
Michael Loyd Gray
MFA, Western Michigan University
Richard Grego
DA, State Univeristy of New York
Victoria Hallberg
MS, Mississippi State University
Sheldon Halpern
PhD, Columbia University
Amy Hannon
PhD, Boston College
Christine Hansen
PhD, University of Hawaii
Linda S. Hanson
MA, Central Michigan University
Tim Hayburn
PhD, Lehigh University
Carlton Haycock
MS, Columbia State University
Nina J. Haydel
EdD, Temple University
  Matthew Hill
PhD, Georgia State University
Ting Ho
PhD, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
Douglas Hoehn
PhD, New York University
Louis F. Hoelzle
MS, Drexel University
Kimberlee A. Hoftiezer
MEd, Springfield College
Jerry Holt
EdS, Indiana University
Christine Holzer-Hunt
PhD, Union Institute & University
Stephen Hudson MA, Boston College Edward F. Izbicki, Sr.
EdD, Seton Hall University
Ryan Jack
PhD, Northcentral University
Zeke Jarvis
PhD, University of Wisconsin
Juan Jimenez
MA, Seton Hall University
Janet Johannessen
MS, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Joseph M. Jones Sr.
EdD, University of Delaware
Amanda Jones Kik
MFA, California Institute of the Arts
Lauren Jordan
PhD, East Carolina University
Mark Kassop
PhD, New York University
Charles Kenny
MPA, University of Oklahoma
Pam Khurana
PhD, Indian Institute of Technology
Saheba Khurana
PhD, University of British Columbia
Allene Kieff
MS, Houston State University
Paul L. Kiesow
MA, California State University, Sacramento
Lawrence J. Knapp
EdD, Seton Hall University
Onesphor Kyara
PhD, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Kathy J. Langston
PhD, University of Rhode Island
Michael Langston
DM, Bethel Theological Seminary
Tom Lansford
PhD, Old dominion University
Elizabeth Lavertu
MA, Arcadia University
Kwang B. Lee
PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Jill Legare
EdD, Argosy University
James Leiman
MPA, Evergreen State College
Denyse Lemaire
PhD, Free University of Brussels
Edward Leo
JD, Concord Law School
William J. Lipkin
MA, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Jacqueline Lipper
MS, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Geraldine Litz
Ed.S, Georgia State University
Jason Litz
MS, Columbus State University
Stephanie D. Litz
MLS, Fort Hays State University
Ronald A. Long
JD, Widener University, School of Law
Barbara Luby
MA, Kean University
Thomas MacCarty
PhD, Northcentral University
Don Kirk Macon
EdD, Northcentral University
William MacPherson
MA, Montclair State University
David Makhanlall
PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University
Suzanne Manning
PhD, University of North Texas
Jamie Marchant
PhD, Claremont Graduate University
Amanda S. McClain
PhD, Temple University
Janis McFaul
PhD, Union Institute & University
Patrick McKiernan
PhD, Northcentral University
Chloe Yelena Miller
MFA, Sarah Lawrence College
Terrance Monroe
MA, University of Hawaii
Brenda Y. Moore
Phd, Capella University
Jimmy Mopecha
PhD, Arizona State University
Edward Mosley
MS, Fordham University
Douglas Mpondi
PhD, Ohio University
Robert Nalbandov
PhD, Central European University
Hemalatha K. Navaratne
PhD, Kent State University
Eugene Neglia
EdD, Rowan University
James Newell
PhD, Vanderbilt University
Sidney Nevels
MS, Drexel University
Marsha Nodeen
MME Murray State University
Peters Nwafor
PhD, Morgan State University
Patricia O’Neill
PhD, University of Washington
Evaristus Obinyan
PhD, University of South Florida
PattiAnn Orazio
Ed.D St. John's University
Randall E. Otto
PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary
Suzanne Page
PhD, University of Illinois
Roger Pao JD, Harvard Law School
Nilanjan Paul
MSEE, University of Michigan
John Pescatore
MS, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Mark Pesnell
MHA, Baylor University
Albert E. Powell Jr.
PhD, Texas A&M University
Robert H. Price
PhD, Union Institute and University
Marilyn J. Puchalski
MS, Drexel University
Jeyakumaran Ratnaswamy
PhD, Brunel University, London.
Miriam Redcay
MBA, Johns Hopkins University
Don Redden
PhD, Capella University
Laura Redic
PhD, Touro University International
Regina Riccioni
EdD, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Kathleen Sedille PhD, Southern Illinois University
Joyce Roberson-Steele
LMSW, Yeshiva University
Kimberly Roff
PhD, Walden University
Manisha Rohatgi
PhD, Northwestern University
David Ross
PhD, Walden University
Michael C. Rotundo
MA, SUNY College at Brockport
Rosemarie Russo
EdD, Argosy University
Steve Ryan
MA, City College of New York
Marga Ryersbach
EdD, University of West Florida
Katherine Sainz
MS, Walden University
Deborah A. Sanders
PhD, Howard University
Crystal Sands
PhD, Texas Woman's University
Willy Schild
PhD, New York University
Arlene Sinding
MLS, Rutgers University
Jason M. Siniscalchi
PhD, West Virginia University
Brian Siress
MA, New York University
Thomas C. Smedley
PhD, Regent University
Donna Smith
PhD, Nova Southeastern University
Theodore C Smith
PhD, Capella University
Bo Sosnicki
MS, Delaware State University
Charles F. Speierl
EdD, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Jon Sperling
MS, University of Central Florida
Lee StJohn
PhD, The Fielding Graduate University
Zug G. Standing Bear
PhD, The Florida State University
Joseph R. Stencel
PhD, Princeton University
Roberts G. Stevenson
PhD, University of Missouri (Columbia)
Nell C. Stone
MA, The University of South Carolina
David Stout
PhD, Northcentral University
Jennifer Strauss
PhD, University of Cincinnati
Carla F. Stutz
MEd, Brigham Young University
Lori Swick
PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies
Kenneth Tangen
PhD, University of Washington
Suzanne Cloud Tapper
PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Angie Temple
MA, St. Ambrose University
Bryon Torsiello
MS, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Katherine Tracy
MA, Baylor University
Cleophas Tsokodayi
PhD, Russian Academy of Sciences
Thomas C. Vail
PhD, Saybrook University
Deborah VanOurkerk
EdD, Fielding Graduate University
Thomas Vari
EdD, Wilmington University
Thomas Vaughn
C.A.G.S., Lesley University
Nicholas Villanueva, Jr.
PhD, Vanderbilt University
Lisa Voorhees
MS, University of Phoenix
Charles Wang
MEd, University of Delaware
Kayla Ward
EdD, Nova Southeastern University
Beau B. Webber
PhD, University of Idaho
Walter R. Whalen
MBA, Seton Hall University
Dan M. Wiley
PhD, Harvard University
Anthony Yankowski
PsyD, Yeshiva University
Bohdan Yaworsky
PhD, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Nathan Yungher
PhD, The University of Pennsylvania
Susan Zappia
MA, California State University
Paul J. Zbiek
PhD, Kent State University
Dorothy Zjawin
EdD, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

School of Applied Science and Technology

Mahmoud Al-Kofahi
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sohail Anwar
Ph.D, The Pennsylvania State University
Robert J. Bjerke
MBA, Bryant University
DeWayne Randolph Brown
PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Robert Chubbuck
MS, Western Governor’s University
Russell B. DeVore
PhD, West Virginia University
Mohsen Dorodchi
PhD, University of Wisconsin
Derrek Dunn
PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Taan S. ElAli
PhD, University of Dayton
Larry Feldman
PhD, Electric Power Research Institute, Moscow, Russia
Harry E. Fetterman
PhD, The Pennsylvania State University
Vladimir I. Gavrilenko
DSc,  Academy of Science, Kiev, Ukraine
Adam Geesey
MS in Nuclear Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University
Jordan E. Goldberg
MS, Drexel University
Reg Hackshaw
EdD, Columbia University
Abul Faiz M Ishaq
PhD, McMaster University, Canada
Edward Kulik
MS,, University of Phoenix
Jamieson Brett Lewis
MS, SUNY Institute of Technology
Kenneth D. Lewis
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
John Martin
EdD, West Virginia University
Robert O'Brien
MBA, University of Rhode Island
Pawel Roszko
MBA, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Yvette Schlussel,
PhD, Columbia University
Vincent L. Schuman
MBA, Lemoyne College
Brian Usilaner
DSc, George Washington University
Steven P. Visniski
DBA, University of Phoenix
David Waite
PhD, Oklahoma State University
Maureen Wallace
PhD, The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Joyce A. Walsleben
PhD, State University of New York

School of Business and Management

Matthew Ademola
DBA, Argosy University
Mark A. Aglio Sr.
MBA, American University
Nauri D. Ahmed
MS, Liberty University
Robert Allen
JD, University of Alabama
Joaquin M. Angles
DM, University of Phoenix
Christine Anglim
MBA, Troy University
Jack Aschkenazi
PhD, Capella University
William Baker
MBA, Drexel University
Linda K. Begley
PhD, Barry University
Cyril Benichou
JD, Sorbonne University Law School
David Bilker
MBA, Drexel University
Kurt Brandquist
MS, University of Maryland
Richard T. Brown
PhD, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Donald L. Buresh
PhD, Northcentral University
John J. Byrne
DM, University of Sarasota
Hugh Cameron
MBA, Indiana Wesleyan University
Robert N. Chase
MBA, Southern New Hampshire University
Cheryl A. Chance
PhD, Lynn University
Karen Crisonino
MBA, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Christie Cruse
EdD, Nova Southeastern University
William Czander
PhD, New York University
Frank P. DeCaro
PhD, New York University
Samantha T. Duhn
PhD, Northcentral University
Mahmoud El Hamamsy
PhD, City University of New York
Vernon E. Gerety
PhD, University of Arizona
Elaine Gregory
PhD, Capella University
Leon M. Guendoo
PhD, Capella University
Perry Haan
DBA, University of Sarasota
Diane Hamilton
PhD, Northcentral University
Marilyn A. Hatcher
MBA, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Nathan Himelstein
EdD, Temple University
Monica Hubler
DBA, University of Phoenix
Alan Hunt
PhD, Union Institute and University
Mukaria J. Itang'ata
PhD, Western Michigan University
Jane Ives
PhD, The University of London
Janice Karlen
EdD, Seton Hall University
Laurie Klosk-Gazzale
DBA, University of Phoenix
James Krolik
PhD, University of Michigan
Diana Kyser
MBA, New York University
Jack Lampman
MS, Thomas Edison State University
Marina Layvand
MBA, Pace University
Carmel Louis-Jacques
PhD, Walden University
Josephine M. Mathias
MBA, Rider University
David J. Medved
MS, Walsh College
Mitchell Miller
DBA, Nova Southeastern University
Fouad K. Moussa
DBA, Grenoble Ecole de Management
Bahaudin G. Mujtaba
DBA, Nova Southeastern University
Lawrence Ness
PhD, Northcentral University
Patsy Parker
PhD, University of Oklahoma
Thomas M. Patrick
PhD, University of Kentucky
Rhonda Polak
DBA, Nova Southeastern University
Rhonda Polak
DBA, Nova Southeastern University
Michael Powers
DM, University of Phoenix
William A. Reed
PhD, The Union Institute
Zara Roach
JD, Quinnipiac University School of Law
Gary Robinson
PhD, Case Western Reserve University
Robert Saldarini
MBA, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Paul E. Sam
PhD, Capella University
Derrick Samuels
PhD, Walden University
Helen Schleckser
MBA, University of Phoenix
Thomas Seiler
DBA, Nova Southeastern University
Kelvin Smith
MBA, Eastern University
Gary Stroud
PhD, Capella University
Cheryl Toops
MA, University of Texas
Charlie Williams
PhD, Capella University
Lester A. Wills
PhD, Macquarie University
Jim Young
EdD, Auburn University

W. Cary Edwards School of Nursing

Karen S. Abate
APRN, PhD, Simmons College
Lydia H. Albuquerque
RN, MSN, SNDT Women’s University
Debra Gay Anderson
RN, PhD, Oregon Health Services University
Janice Anderson
RN, PhD, Texas Woman’s University
Kaylen Anthony
RN, MS, University of South Alabama
Donna Bailey
RN, PhD, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
William P. Baker
MBA, Drexel University
Linda M. Battle
APRN, DNP, Regis College
Rocel Besa
RN, PhD, Angeles University Foundation
Jane Bliss-Holtz
RN, DNSc, University of Pennsylvania
Robert. J. Bjerke
MBA, Bryant University
Victoria Brahe
RN, PhD, Capella University
Keshea Britton
RN, MSN, MBA, University of Phoenix
Henny Breen
RN, PhD, University of Hawaii
Mirella Vasquez Brooks
APRN, PhD, University of Hawaii
Chesanny Butler
RN, PhD, Oakland University
Rita R. Callahan
RN, PhD, University of San Diego
Patricia Camillo
APN, PhD, University of Wisconsin
Lynn Campbell
RN, DNP, University of Kentucky
Pamela Card
ND, ARNP/RN, MS, University of Illinois Medical Center
Jo Ann F. Cummings
APN, PhD, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Elizabeth (Betty) Daniels
RN, PhD, Capella University
Mary Donnelly
RN, EdD, Nova Southeastern University
Tish Dorman
RN, MSN, MEd, Lynchburg College, Walden University
Hazel Downing
RN, EdD, University of Phoenix
Marilyn Drucker
RN, MSN, Boston University
Karen Egenes
RN, MSN Norwich University
Leah Susan Evans
RN, MSN, Waynesburg University
Diane M. Fesler-Birch
RN, PhD, Loyola University
Sarah E. Gabua
RN, DNP, Walden University
Sandra Gibson
ARNP, EdD, Nova Southeastern University
Margaret M. Governo
APRN, EdD, Columbia University Teachers College
Brandi Megan Grannett
PhD, Aberystwyth University
Mary Beth Haas
CRNP, MSN, University of Pennsylvania
Jennifer Hatcher
RN, PhD, University of Kentucky
Cynthia W. Haughey
RN, MSN, University of Pennsylvania
Janis Waite Hayden
RN, EdD, University of Illinois
Glennena Haynes-Smith
APRN, DNP, Case Western Reserve University
Barbara J. Headley
RN, MSN, St. Joseph's College of Maine
Teresa Heithaus
RN, MSN, University of Phoenix
Kimberly D. Helms
RN, D.H.Ed, A.T. Still University
Louise Hiwiller
RN, MEd, Pennsylvania State University
Eileen Jackson
RN, PhD, University of Missouri- Columbia
Gail L. Jones
RN, DNP, University of South Alabama
Deovina Jordan
RN, PhD, UCLA School of Nursing
DeMonica L. Junious
RN, PhD, Texas Woman's University
Leo-Felix M. Jurado
APN, PhD, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Cherry Karl
RN, PhD, University of Maryland
Mariann Kerr
RN, PhD, Nova Southeastern University
Christine Kessel
RN, PhD, Capella University
Pam B. Koob
APRN, PhD, Georgia State University College of Health Sciences
Kathleen Krov
RN, PhD, Walden University
Wanda Lawrence
RN, PhD, Capella University
Betty Leslie
RN, PhD, University of Phoenix
Rita Lourie
RN, MSN, MPH, Temple University
Dawn MacGibeny
RN, EdD, Walden University
Maria Dolores Mangubat
RN, EdD, Teachers College, Columbia University
Martin Manno
Capella University
Ulanda Marcus-Aiyeku
RN, DNP Rutgers University
Rosemarie Marmion
RN, MSN, Widener University
Lisa McConlogue
RN, PhD, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Cheryl McLaughlin
APRN, MSN, University of Pennsylvania
Karen McPherson
RN, MSN, Loyola University New Orleans
Nancy Hanford Meyer
RN, MS, University of Colorado
Peter Miskin
RN, DHSc, A.T. Still University
Aleesa Mobley
RN, PhD, Rutgers University
Lavonne Moore
RN, DNP, St. Catherine University
Constance Morrison
APRN, DNP, Rocky Mountain School of Health Professionals
JD, New England School of Law
Pinky Noble-Britton
RN, PhD, Capella University
Karen O’Connor
RN, MSN Widener University
Judith Offner
RN, PhD, Widener University
Gaynel Olsen
Elvira G. Phelps
APRN, EdD, Enverga University Foundation
Susan J. Quinn
RN, EdD, Teachers College, Columbia University
Arlowen Jordan Raygor
RN, MN, University of Washington
Nicole Robert
RN, MSN, Southern University
Maria Elsa Rodriguez
APRN, DNP, University of San Diego
Cheryl Rowder
PhD, RN, Texas Woman’s University
Anna Salle
PhD, RN, Texas Tech University
Randolph Schild
RN/APN, PhD, Capella University
Sophia Mikos-Schild
RN, EdD, Pepperdine University
E'loria Simon-Campbell
RN, PhD, University of Texas at Tyler
Eileen Skalski
DNP, RN, Waynesburg University
Joann E. Smith
APHN, PhD, University of South Carolina
Paul S. Smith
RN, PhD, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Kimberly Starr
RN, MS, University of Wyoming
Lorraine Steefel
Karen Stefaniak
RN, PhD, University of Kentucky
Caroline Steward
APRN, MSN, The College of New Jersey
Charlotte Stoudmire
RN, PhD, University of San Diego
Marcy Tanner-Garrett
RN, EdD, Walden University
Theresa A. Thompson
RN, MSN, Walden University
Trudy Thompson
RN, MSN, Regis College
Lia van Rijswijk
RN, MSN, La Salle University
Debra Bohlender Walker
RN, PhD, Capella University
Paulette Williams
RN, DrPH, University of Hawaii
Debra Wolf
RN, PhD University of Pittsburgh
Pauline R. Wright
RN, PhD, Lesley University

John S. Watson School of Public Policy and Continuing Studies

  Holly Funkhouser Cucuzzella
PrPH, Drexel University
Thomas Finnegan
MS, Jersey City State College
Matthew A. Hugg
MA, St. Mary's University of Minnesota
Marian Leerburger
PhD, University of Maryland
Ryan McNeal
MPA, Georgia Southeastern University
Minzi Su
PhD, Portland State University
Lloyd C. Williams
PhD, Pacifica Graduate Institute – California

Vietthi Nguyen, BSAST

As a military member, I am busy serving our country, protecting our freedom and serving my family…TESU was the number one pick for me because it offers flexibility..."

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