CLEP - College-Level Examination Program

Please note that Thomas Edison State University awards credit for CLEP examinations, which have been reviewed and recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE) for specific exhibit dates.

Prior to registering for an examination, students are urged to refer to the current CLEP website to confirm that the examination they are interested in taking is still active:

Current college-level examinations in the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) are administered at Thomas Edison State University in Trenton, N.J., once a month. Students may request the registration form from the Office of Test Administration at (609) 984-1181. Students who want to test at another location or want more detailed information on the examinations and study materials may contact:

P.O. Box 6600
Princeton, NJ 08541-6600
(800) 257-9558

Students who wish to have their score reports sent to Thomas Edison State University should provide the official college code, 2748, at the time of testing.

Note: The five general examinations test what is usually taught in the first year of college and sometimes duplicate other credit students have earned. Refer to the academic policy on duplication of credit for additional explanation. CLEP results are posted to TESU transcripts on a credit/no credit basis.

Exam TESU Equivalency Cr Expires on
Intellectual and Practical Skills
English Composition
  • College Composition (essay required)
ENC-101 English Composition I, ENC-102 English Composition II 6 2/28/18
  • College Composition modular
ENC-101 English Composition I 3 2/28/18
Quantitive Literacy
  • College Mathematics
MAT-102, General Math I, MAT-103, General Math II 6 2/28/18
  • College Algebra
MAT-121 College Algebra 3 2/28/18
  • PreCalculus
MAT-129 PreCalculus 3 2/28/18
  • Calculus
MAT-231 Calculus I 4 2/28/18
Civic and Global Leadership Courses
Diversity Intercultural Literacy
  • Introductory Sociology
SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology 3 2/28/18
Knowledge of Human Cultures
  • American Literature *
LIT-205 American Literature I AND LIT-206, American Literature II 6 2/28/18
  • Analyzing & Interpreting Literature *
LIT-291 Analysis & Interpretation of Literature AND LIT-292, Analysis & Interpretation of Literature II 6 2/28/18
  • English Literature *
LIT-208 English Literature AND LIT-209 English Literature II 6 2/28/18
  • French Language
FRE-101 Beginning French I, FRE-102, Beginning French II, FRE-201, Intermediate French 6/9 2/28/18
  • German Language
GRM-101 Beginning German I, GRM-102, Beginning German II, GRM-201, Intermediate German 6/9 2/28/18
  • Humanities*
HUM-102 Intro Hum II: Poetry, Drama and NarrAND HUS-103, Intro to Humanities III : Music 6 2/28/18
  • Spanish Language
SPA-101 Beginning Spanish I, SPA-102 Beginning Spanish II, SPA-201 Intermediate Spanish 6/9 2/28/18
Social Sciences
  • American Government
POS-110 American Government 3 2/28/18
  • History of the United States I: Early Colonization to 1877
HIS-113 American History I 3 2/28/18
  • History of the United States II: 1865 to Present
HIS-114 American History II 3 2/28/18
  • Human Growth & Development
PSY-211 Developmental Psychology 3 2/28/18
  • Introduction to Educational Psychology
PSY-230 Introduction to Educational Psychology 3 2/28/18
  • Introductory of Psychology
PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology 3 2/28/18
  • Introductory Sociology
SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology 3 2/28/18
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO-111 Macroeconomics 3 2/28/18
  • Principles of Microeconomics
ECO-112 Microeconomics 3 2/28/18
  • Social Sciences & History
SOS-101 Social Sciences & History I, SOS-102 Social Sciences & History II 6 2/28/18
  • Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648
HIS-101 Western Civilization I 3 2/28/18
  • Western Civilization II: 1648 to Present
HIS-102 Western Civilization II 3 2/28/18
Understanding the Physical and Natural World
  • Biology
BIO-111 General Biology I, BIO-112 General Biology II 6 2/28/18
  • Calculus
MAT-231 Calculus I 4 2/28/18
  • Chemistry
CHE-111 General Chemistry I, CHE-112 General Chemistry II 6 2/28/18
  • College Algebra
MAT-121 College Algebra 3 2/28/18
  • College Mathematics
MAT-102, General Math I, MAT-103, General Math II 6 2/28/18
  • Natural Sciences
NAS-101 Natural Sciences I, NAS-102 Natural Sciences II 6 2/28/18
  • PreCalculus
MAT-129 PreCalculus 3 2/28/18
Business Administration
  • Financial Accounting
ACC-101 Principles of Financial Accounting 3 2/28/18
  • Information Systems
COS-101 Introduction to Computers 3 2/28/18
  • Introductory Business Law
LAW-201 Business Law 3 2/28/18
  • Principles of Management
MAN-301 Principles of Management 3 2/28/18
  • Principles of Marketing
MAR-301 Principles of Marketing 3 2/28/18

* CLEP subject examination update. Thomas Edison State University has conducted an academic program review on this exam. Credit awarded for this exam will be considered TESU assessment credit, not TESU-CLEP credit, and will show on the official transcript under TESU assessment credit.