Course Schedule and Fees

Online Certificate in Women's Exercise Training and Wellness


Module 1:

  • PFT-014-PS Course 1: Female Anatomy and Physiology
  • PFT-015-PS Course 2: Designing Women's Exercise Programs

Module 2:

  • PFT-016-PS Course 3: Women's Health and Wellness for Special Populations
  • PFT-017-PS Course 4: Medically-Based Fitness Management and Administration

NOTE: Courses in this program are self-directed in nature and begin as soon as the student registers. Students have 8 weeks to complete each course.

Certificate Structure and Start Dates
To earn the certificate you are required to complete all four courses. The four courses are offered in a two-module format; each module consists of two courses that are offered simultaneously. You are not required to take the courses in any order; however it is highly recommended that you begin with course one (1) in Module One: Female Anatomy and Physiology. You may also register for individual courses if desired. The two-module series is offered three times per year in the fall, spring, and summer.

Per course: $285.
Certificate Program (four courses): $1,140.
The cost for textbooks/course materials is separate. Students receive a book list and instructions for ordering the books when given access to the course.

Refunds and Transfers:
If a course for which a student has registered has not yet begun, he/she will usually be allowed to transfer the registration to another course. However, if the student has been sent any materials for the original course, or had other expenses incurred on his behalf, he/she is responsible for the cost of such materials. Students seeking to transfer courses should contact If there is a difference in tuition between the two courses, the student will either be given a partial refund or asked to pay the balance.

Refunds are not typically granted once a course has begun. Exceptions are sometimes made in cases of extreme emergency and are handled on a case-by-case basis. Students requesting a refund should email their request to