Course Descriptions

Students can expect to spend approximately 50 hours on each course. Courses in this program are self-directed  in nature and begin as soon as the student registers. Students have 8 weeks to complete each course.

Course 1: School Wellness and Nutrition - Problems and Effective Solutions
Instructor:  Christen C. Cooper, MS, RD

This course provides background information on government designed and funded nutrition programs for children, as well as the real story behind the political and budget constraints that have hindered advancement in nutritional science. It also provides knowledge about the foods served at schools and why vending machines and junk foods have become staples at so many schools despite good advice to the contrary . Finally, the course examines the parental, community, marketing, and school-based influences on childhood nutrition.

Course 2: Developing School Wellness-Children Nutritional Programs
Instructor:  Christen C. Cooper, MS, RD

This course takes a close look at the changing food environment in the U.S., including Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign and various changes in school lunch programs across the country. We even explore school gardens as well as the impact of the organic and the ‘green movement’ on school wellness programs and nutrition. With the above topics as context, we discuss the three steps to successful nutrition education and a number of ideas for incorporating nutrition and fitness education into the school day. Ultimately, participants are asked to think creatively about the best ways to reach kids through positive food, fitness and health behaviors.