Online Certified Posture Specialist Certificate

Become a Certified Posture Specialist through the National Posture Institute (NPI), an educational and member-driven organization, providing educational programs, business support services, public outreach and professional certificate programs for allied health/medical/fitness professionals as well as the posture education programs for the general public. NPI has designed this online educational program in light of the widespread posture and body alignment/correction problems to be found throughout the population.

Why Online Learning?

  • Learning occurs in a user-friendly environment and is accessible to students with little or no computer experience
  • Online courses provide the knowledge and tools needed to stay ahead in today's rapidly changing professional marketplace
  • Online education allows students to access their courses from anywhere there is an Internet connection, even while traveling for business or on vacation
  • Flexibility: Students can attend class in the comfort and convenience of their own home, office, library, or internet café, and complete assignments at their convenience
  • Cost-effective: expenses related to facilities and travel, as well as non-productive time, are reduced
  • Relevant: Since so much of the work done by medical transcription editors is conducted in an online environment, this method of study is highly relevant to the profession.

The online delivery of the program requires that students have access to a computer and are proficient at using email, communicating online, and conducting online research. The online format ensures that students have the most current information in the field available to them as they learn the skills needed to succeed in today's increasingly specialized fitness and wellness profession.

For further information about this program, including questions about the curriculum, CEU's, employment ramifications, etc., please email us.