Course Schedule

Online Certificate in Personal Fitness Training (PFT) and Advanced PFT


Module 1:

  • PFT-001-PS Introduction to Exercise Science-Level I (Anatomy and Kinesiology)
  • PFT-002-PS Introduction to Exercise Science-Level II (Exercise Physiology)

Module 2:

  • PFT-003-PS Health Risk Profiles and Fitness Assessment Techniques
  • PFT-004-PS Business Administration and Management Aspects for Personal Trainers

Module 3:

  • PFT-005-PS Designing Exercise Prescriptions for Normal/Special Populations
  • PFT-006-PS Optional-Field Internship in Personal Fitness Training

Advanced Certificate
Module 2:

  • PFT-009-PS The Science and Biomechanics of Resistance/Weight Training Techniques
  • PFT-008-PS Functional Flexibility, Core and Balance Training
  • PFT-007-PS Nutritional Analysis and Management

NOTE: Courses in this program are self-directed in nature and begin as soon as the student registers. Students have 8 weeks to complete each course.