Course Descriptions

Students can expect to spend approximately 50 hours on each course. Courses in this program are self-directed  in nature and begin as soon as the student registers. Students have 8 weeks to complete each course.

Course 1:  Smart Nutrition - Healthy Eating for All Generations 
Instructor:  Melissa Halas Liang, MA, RD, CDE

This course is based on current and peer reviewed research designed to provide health care professionals and nonprofessionals alike an easy to use roadmap for improving eating and fitness habits.  In addition, the course focus is on achieving and/or maintaining a healthy productive life for individuals and families at all ages.  Topics covered include: the influence of genetics, acceptance of body image, eating attitudes, food and fitness behaviors, and environmental and practical tips for making positive and fun dietary and fitness changes.  Participants will be provided with information on how to use available resources and tools, including both reputable and free, web-based programs as a guide. 

Course 2: Advanced Nutrition - Super Foods and Current Nutrition Trends
Instructor:  Melissa Halas Liang, MA, RD, CDE

This course unfolds the science and folklore behind so-called “super foods”, revealing how certain foods can heal and prevent many of the health problems Americans face. Based on the latest research, this course covers the legitimate effect food has on inflammation, chronic disease, memory loss, Alzheimer’s and cancer, as well as the antibacterial and home-remedy properties of “super foods”.  In addition, the latest food and health trends are covered, helping participants to sort fact from fiction.  Upon successful completion of the course, students will have learned how to shop for food, understand which foods to avoid, the science behind organic foods and the best “super foods” to buy on a budget.