Online Certificate in Family Nutrition

The Online Professional Certificate in Family Nutrition has been designed to help counteract the current toll that overweight and obesity are taking on the American population today. Should we continue on this road too much longer, the legacy we leave the next generation will be severely compromised, so it behooves professionals in the fitness and nutrition fields to provide guidance to adults in role modeling healthy food choices and exercise behaviors for their children. By making judicious changes to relevant behaviors, we decrease health care costs, ensure the strength of the nation’s work force, and defend the happiness and well-being of tomorrow’s citizens from the detrimental impacts that we know overweight and obesity can produce. This certificate program recognizes the complex factors that converge to cause the current epidemic of obesity. Therefore, we take a close look at the numerous influences that tend to affect an expectant mother’s food choices, the influence of the family and friends on food choice, and the children’s own developing food attitudes and behaviors as they grow up in an environment marked by media manipulation and social networking.

Parents, teachers, allied health/medical and fitness professionals, school administrators, caregivers, and virtually all of those who work with children in school, day care, or in after-school programs can benefit from this certificate program. Our aim is to provide participants with a tool kit of techniques they can use to help adults take action in place of simply watching the problem unfold.

Certification and CEUs/CECs and CPEUs Awarded
In addition to the professional certificate awarded by Thomas Edison State University, upon successful completion of this program various fitness and nutrition-related national organizations have reviewed this program and approved it for CEUs/CECs and/or CPEUs.

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For further information about this program, including questions about the curriculum, CEU's, employment ramifications, etc., please email.