Who Should Attend & Workplace Benefits

Who Should Attend: 

  • Classroom teachers who wish to incorporate the latest nutritional guidance into their lesson plans
  • Physical Education teachers who seek to develop cutting-edge fitness/wellness programs
  • Allied health and fitness professionals and personal trainers interested in establishing fitness and wellness programs in their facilities
  • School Administrators eager to confront the challenge presented by the childhood obesity epidemic
  • Caregivers in Pre-K, nursery school, after-school programs and the like who want to know what they can do to confront childhood obesity and other wellness issues
  • Parents concerned about their child’s development

Workplace Benefits:

  • Ongoing guidance and interaction from mentors that hold either a Master's degree or higher in nutrition and public health; our mentors become valuable resources well after students complete the certificate program
  • Concrete actions and practical steps adults can take to facilitate wellness in children
  • Networking opportunities with experts in the field