Degree Programs

RWJ Hamilton employees may enroll in any academic program offered by the University.

Directors and managers may be interested in the Undergraduate Leadership Certificate. The 18-credit certificate allows Robert Wood Johnson employees to complete all courses online and transfer course credits into the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership degree.

The six courses in the program include:

  • Organizational Behavior (MAN 311)
  • Foundations of Leadership (LDR 305)
  • Theories of Leadership (LDR 345)
  • Leadership Communication (MAN 376)
  • Change Management (MAN 415) or an elective course
  • Principles of Management (MAN 301)

The elective courses that students may choose from include:

  • Leaders in History (LDR 324)
  • Nonprofit Leadership (LDR 419)
  • Leadership in the Global Environment (LDR 422)
  • Advanced Organizational Management (MAN 425)
  • Project Management (MAN 435)

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