Nursing Leadership and Management Examination Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is the Nursing Leadership and Management Examination a TECEP?

No. It is coded as a TECEP when you register but it is different.


How is this test different from a TECEP?

The cost is higher. It is equal to one nursing credit of tuition at $395. The rate is the same for in-state and out-of-state students.

This exam can only be taken once. If a student fails the test, he/she will need to enroll in the online course NUR-428: Leadership and Management in Nursing.

The examination can only be taken online. There is no paper version.


How will I prepare for the Examination?

The student can study from the textbook for NUR-428, which is Yoder-Wise, P.S. (2011). Leading and Managing in Nursing (5th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby. The text can be obtained from MBS or any bookstore of the student's choice.


How is the exam administered?

The exam is administered through the University's OPS vendor: ProctorU. Students are required to have a web cam and speakers in order to complete the online test.

It will be given 4 times per year during the normal registration periods.


What constitutes a passing grade?

A passing grade of C (73) is required to receive credit on the official transcript.

The grade will be posted as CR (Credit). If the student does not pass the examination there will be no grade entered on the transcript.


Who is eligible to take the Nursing Leadership and Management Examination?

Only enrolled nursing students can take the examination. Two years of leadership experience is recommended.

The nursing student must have permission from his/her nursing advisor before registering for the examination. Go to for petition information.


Is there a time limit to complete the examination?

If the test is not completed within the 12-week semester, the student will have to re-register (and pay) for the test in a later semester.


Will financial aid pay for this exam?

No. Financial aid does not cover exams.


Will my employer tuition reimbursement cover the cost?

You must check with your HR Department. Since the transcript will show a CR and not a letter grade, there is a chance your employer will not reimburse you; however, a CR is equivalent to a grade of C or higher on this exam only.