MSN e-Portfolio

MSN e-Portfolio Information

All MSN students are required to create an electronic portfolio (e-Portfolio) that is submitted in the final nursing course. The purpose of this e-Portfolio is to showcase the best work you have completed during your MSN program and reflect on what you have learned and how you have grown professionally during your MSN program. The e-Portfolio supports your professional development, documents your clinical competence, and maps course assignments to your program outcomes. The content of your e-Portfolio are artifacts such as your papers, presentations, and other documents that provide evidence of what you have accomplished in the MSN program and how you have met the MSN program outcomes. In addition to the artifacts, your e-Portfolio includes reflective narratives that give examples and demonstrate what you have learned and how you have grown professionally during your MSN program.

Mapping the e-Portfolio to the MSN outcomes

Students should follow the directions below to establish their MSN e-Portfolio.

To create your MSN e-Portfolio, follow the steps provided in the following video:

  1. Log in to the eCollege portal at
  2. Find the “My Unread Messages” block and click. This takes you to your University email. Click on the Google Apps navigation icon (located in the top, right corner of the screen) and choose “Sites.”
  3. Click “Create,” then “Browse Gallery for More,” then “Student Templates,” then select “Nursing MSN Portfolio.” Then scroll to the bottom and click “Select.”
  4. Name your e-Portfolio as Last name, First Name.
  5. Click “Create.”
  6. When your e-Portfolio appears on your screen, go to the upper right hand corner and click “Share.”
  7. In the Add People box, type in . At the end of the MSN program you will share your e-Portfolio with your mentor.  Click “Share and Save.”
  8. To return to your e-Portfolio, click the site name on the left side.

Guidelines for Completing the MSN e-Portfolio

The grading rubric for the MSN e-Portfolio can be found here

Students are expected to submit the graded assignments showing the mentors’ comments with “Track Changes.” If a mentor did not grade the artifact using “Track Changes,” the grading rubric must be uploaded along with the artifact.

For each MSN program outcome, students submit a well-written reflective narrative, that documents how the artifacts submitted, and the courses in which the artifacts were produced, contributed to meeting the outcome. View guidance on writing reflectively ( The reflective narrative should be uploaded into the appropriate outcome folder within the e-Portfolio.


After the student addresses how all MSN outcomes were met, including artifacts and reflective naratives for each MSN outcome, they should click the "Specialty Competencies" tab. In this section, upload the completed Practicum Evaluation Tool for the first Practicum Course. At the end of the second Practicum course, upload the completed Practicum Evaluation Tool for the second Practicum course.

E-Portfolios are a work in progress that should be created in the first MSN course and updated at the completion of each succeeding course. It is strongly recommended that students not wait until the final MSN course to create an e-Portfolio.