2010 Presentations

Title Presenter Institution
A Regional Approach to Helping People Get Back to Work: Benefits of an Industry Nicole Jean Christian
Elena Zolfo
Dowling College
Education Govt. Collaboration
Adult Learning and ePortfolios Janice M. Karlen,
Susan M. Sanchirico
ALFI: Focus on Adult Learner Assessment Judith Wertheim CAEL
Assessing the Adult Learner's Achievement in Real Word Context: Jones International University Model D. Terry Rawls
Joyce A. Scott
Jones Int'l Univ.
Texas A&M Univ.
Assessment of Learning Practices at Ana G. Mendéz University System Fidel R. Távara Ana G. Mendéz University System
The Authentic Self in Educational Leadership John A. Dubois Antioch University Seattle
Competency Based Distance Nursing Education: Clinical Testing vs. Clinical Teaching Mary Lee Pollard
Kim Hedley
Excelsior College
Courses In A Flash Matt Cooper Thomas Edison State University
Developing Student Orientation Modules For Online Education Program at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and Rowan University Debra Dagavarian,
Diane Holtzman,
Dennis Fotia,
Michael Ciocco
The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Rowan University
Documenting Experiential Learning Gabrielle Dietzel Vermont State Colleges
Exploring Prior Learning Assessment and Individual Learner Outcomes - Findings from a New CAEL Study Judith Wertheim CAEL
Principles of Accreditation and Effective Distance Learning: Strategies for Creating and Sustaining a Distance Learning Culture in a University Environment Frank Signorile Campbell University
Prior Learning Assessment/Portfolio Development: Earning a College Degree for What You Know Marcus Tillery
Richard P. Coe
Thomas Edison State University
Technology: A Pillar for Strengthening And Sustaining Assessment Culture Yuerong Sweetland,
Pam Shay
Franklin University