Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership (NCPDLP)

Humanities Courses Available at Thomas Edison State College

ART-100 A World of Art 3
ART-166 Art History I 3
ART-167 Art History II 3
COM-120 Introduction to Mass Communications I 3
COM-121 Introduction to Mass Communications II 3
COM-209 Public Speaking 3
COM-322 Language in Social Contexts 3
COM-335 Elements of Intercultural Communication 3
ENG-201 Technical Writing 3
FIL-110 American Cinema 3
JOU-352 News Writing 3
LIT-101 Intro. to Modern English/American Literature I 3
LIT-102 Intro. to Modern English/American Literature II 3
LIT-111 American Literature I 3
LIT-112 American Literature II 3
LIT-130 Analysis and Interpretation of Literature 3
LIT-221 Introduction to Children’s Literature 3
LIT-347 Modern American Poetry 3
PHI-286 Contemporary Ethics 3
PHI-384 Ethics and the Business Professional 3
PHO-101 Introduction to Photography 3
REL-371 Myth and Culture 3
REL-439 The Religious Quest 9
SPA-101 Elementary Spanish I 3
SPA-102 Elementary Spanish II 3
SPA-103 Elementary Spanish III 3