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Leveraging Your Hamburger University Training

A total of 21 Hamburger University courses have been evaluated for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE) and can be applied directly to the Bachelor of Science and Business Administration degree program at Thomas Edison State University.

Hamburger University Course Credits
Business Consultants MDP (MCD-0058) 3
Business Management MDP 4 (MD-0056) 3
Developing a Global Mindset (MCD-0062) 1
Financial Skills Development for Consultants (MCD-0061) 1
Advanced Shift Management (MCD-0046) 1
Basic Shift Management (MCD-0047) 2
Business Leadership Practices (MCD-0051) 3
Effective Management Practices (MCD-0049) 3
Foundations of Leadership (MCD-0052) 2
Managing the Organization (MCD-0044) 3
Delivery Skills (MCD-0017) 1
Operations Consultant Course (MCD-0016) 3
Operations Supervisor MDP 3
Partnering for Results (MCD-0045) 2
Restaurant Manager MDP 3 2
Restaurant Operations Leadership Practices 3
ServeSafe - Sanitation 1
Shift Managment MDP 1 1
Systems Management MDP 2 2
Training Consultants Course (MDP-0018) 3
Training Consultant MDP 3
Total 46

Additional Hamburger University courses may be applied to a degree program at Thomas Edison State University.

Through this alliance, McDonald's employees may pursue any degree program offered at Thomas Edison State University. However, the Hamburger University courses listed fit especially well into the following business programs:

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