Course Sequence

Each term is 12 weeks

Term One
EDT-500 Foundations of Educational Technology, Theories and Practices (3 credits)
EDT-510 Educational Technology in Curriculum Development (3 credits)
Term Two
EDT-520 Leadership and Supervision in Educational Technology (3 credits)
OLT-510 Theory and Culture of Online Learning (3 credits)
Term Three
OLT-520 Learning Technology as an Issue in Online Learning (3 credits)
OLT-630 Issues in Instructional Design in Online Learning (3 credits)
Term Four
OLT-640 Communication and Interactivity in Online Learning (3 credits)
THC-625 Technology and the Human Community (3 credits)
Term Five
EDL-670 Technology for Instruction and Administration (3 credits)
EDL-520 Standards-Based Curriculum Development, K-12 (3 credits)
EDL-540 Curriculum Leadership (3 credits)
Term Six
EDT-700 Capstone in Educational Technology and Online Learning (3 credits)
EDT-710 Practicum in Educational Technology and Online Learning (3 credits)