Graduate Certificate in Professional Communications

Thomas Edison State University recognizes the need for professionals to have a specific set of communications skills in this rapidly expanding global community. A graduate certificate in Professional Communications provides students with a way to showcase their skills in the new marketplace of ideas, especially in the new media shift that encompasses all fields of communication from education to healthcare to public policy to business. Those completing this certificate will be prepared for roles in a variety of professional settings, enabling them to serve as voices for their organizations in this new media environment.

The graduate certificate in Professional Communication requires:

  • communications theory (3 credits)
  • grant or proposal writing (3 credits)
  • advanced writing for a specific discipline (3 credits)
  • emerging technology (i.e. social media) (3 credits)
Required courses Credits
COM-610 Professional Communications Theory 3
COM-620 Advanced Professional Business Writing 3
DHM-620 Social Media and Social Change 3
MSP-662 Practical Grant Writing 3
Total 12 credits


Professional Communications Certificate Outcomes

Upon completion of the certificate, students will be able to:

  1. Analyze the implications of various forms of media in specific communications context.
  2. Develop various professional communications consistent with best practices.
  3. Integrate technology into the development of a professional communications plan.
  4. Apply ethical and legal standards to address communications practice.