ASNSM in Mathematics

The Associate in Science in Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASNSM) degree in Mathematics emphasizes general education and is designed to provide a basis for transfer into the Bachelor of Arts degree programs in Mathematics, or Natural Science/Mathematics. This 60-credit program provides students with a basic mathematical background the opportunity to further utilize their skills in the advanced study of mathematics.

ASNSM in Mathematics Credit Distribution

Subject/Category Credits
I. General Education Requirements 44
A. Intellectual and Practical Skills 15
  • Written Communication
  • Oral Communication
  • Quantitative Literacy
  • Information Literacy
B. Civic and Global Learning 9
  • Diversity
  • Ethics
  • Civic Engagement
C. Knowledge of Human Cultures 9
D. Understanding the Physical and Natural World 8
E. Mathematics 3
II. Area of Study: Mathematics 17
  • TES-100 Cornerstone: Lifelong Learning Strategies
  • Calculus I
  • Mathematics Electives
Total 61


Note: The following courses are examples of the types of mathematics courses that CANNOT be used in the Mathematics Option: College Algebra, Finite Math, Pre-Calculus, or Trigonometry. These courses are not advanced level mathematics courses.

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