Accreditation Information

  • Stakeholder Council Members

    Dean's Advisory-Industry Leaders Council

    • Inga Fong
      Senior Manager
      HR Certification Institute
    • Stephen Gillespie
      Senior Manager, Project Management
    • Whitney Lewis
      Marketing Coordinator - Alumni
      New Jersey Business and Industry Association
    • Dr. Louis Primavera
      Dean, School of Health Sciences
      Touro College and University System
    • Dr. Toby Tetenbaum
      Professor, School of Education
      Fordham University
      Tetenbaum Associates
    • Dr. Joseph Youngblood, II
      Vice Provost and Dean, Watson School
      John S. Watson School of Public Service and Continuing Studies
      Thomas Edison State University
    • Kristy Rocco
      Director of International Sales & Diplomatic Relations
      The St. Regis Hotel New York

    Mentor Advisory Council

    • Robert Saldarini, MBA - Chair
    • Garry McDaniel, EdD
    • Elaine Gregory, PhD
    • Paul Sam, PhD

    Undergraduate Enrolled Student Stakeholder Council

    • Sharon Tate La Russo, BSBA
    • Jennifer Lynn Fitzgerald, BSOL
    • Linda Kofka, BSBA
    • Timothy Nelson, BSBA
    • Margaret Ann Tierney, BSOL

    Graduate Student Stakeholder Council

    • Steve Gillespie, MBA
    • Jennifer M. Motz, MSHRM
    • Lisa Johnson, MBA

    Alumni Stakeholder Council

    • Andrew Feller, MBA
    • Lisa Jones, BSBA
    • Whitney Lewis, MBA
    • Karen Mirro-Drew, MSM
    • Jennifer Stark, MSM
  • Stakeholder Communications

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    Get the truth behind any MBA program before you enroll

    What Leadership Skills Do You Need to Develop
    Discover the skills that set great leaders apart from poor ones

    How HR Professionals Can Handle Workplace Bullying
    Learn how to recognize and resolve bullying in the workplace

    3 Tough Decisions You Need to Make if You Want to Advance Your Career
    Use these three fundamental decisions to build your career strategy

    Top 5 Tips Every Graduate Should Use in a Job Interview
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    Dean's Diary

    Student Testimonials

    Dina Silbernagel-Krohne
    Dina Silbernagel-Krohne, BSBA ’15

    Luis Sandoval
    Luis Sandoval, BSBA ’12, MSHRM ’16

    Iris Irizarry-Roscoe
    Iris Irizarry-Roscoe, BSBA ’14, MSM ’16

    John Leone
    John Leone, BSBA ’16

  • School of Business and Management Curriculum Committee
    • Cliff Butler, PhD
    • Margaret Elgin, PhD
    • Susan Fischer
      Secretary to Committee
    • Khaled Abdel Ghany, PhD
    • Camilla King-Lewis, MSHRM
      Assistant Dean
    • Alicia Malone, MALS
      Assistant Dean
    • Garry McDaniel, PhD
    • Steve Phillips, MA
      Assessment Strategist
    • Robert Saldarini, MA, MBA
    • Jennifer Stark, MSM
      Assistant Director
    • Michael Williams, PhD
  • School of Business and Management Mentors

    Khaled Abdel Ghany

    • PhD, Mansoura University
    • MBA, Mansoura University
    • BS, Cairo University

    Matthew Ademola
    Finance and Management

    • DBA, Argosy University
    • MS, Maritime College (CUNY)
    • BS, Medgar Evan College

    Sam Adhikari
    Information Technology

    • MBA, University of South Carolina
    • MS, Temple University
    • MS, City University of New York

    Mark Aglio

    • MBA, American University
    • BS, Worchester Polytechnic Institution

    Nauri Ahmed

    • MS, Liberty University
    • MBA, American Sentinel University
    • BS, University of Maryland
    • BS, Virginia Tech
    • CPA

    Robert Allen
    Business Law and Taxation

    • JD, University of Alabama
    • ML, University of Alabama
    • MBA, Florida State University
    • BS, Auburn University

    Joaquin Angles
    Leadership and Management

    • DM, University of Phoenix
    • MBA, Philadelphia University
    • BS, Philadelphia University

    Christine Anglim

    • MBA, Troy University
    • BS, Troy University

    Jack Aschkenazi
    International Business

    • PhD, Capella University
    • MBA, Regis University
    • BS, Indiana Institute of Technology

    William P. Baker

    • MBA, Drexel University
    • BS, Widener University

    Billy Bataille

    • ABD, University of Miami
    • MS, University of Miami
    • MS, Sorbonne-University of Paris IV
    • BA, University of Montreal

    Linda Begley
    Human Resources Management

    • PhD, Barry University
    • MA, Webster University
    • BSBA, Rollins College

    Cyril Benichou
    Ethics and Law

    • JD, Paris Sorbonne Law School
    • MS, Paris Sorbonne Law School
    • LLM, Touro Law

    Harry V. Bernstein
    Business Administration and Marketing

    • MA, Pace University
    • BAA, Pace University

    David Bilker

    • MBA, Drexel University
    • BBA, Temple University

    Robert L. Boggs
    Organizational Development and Leadership

    • PhD, Union Institute and University
    • MSA, Michigan University
    • BA, Antioch College

    David Bouvin
    Information Technology

    • DBA, Argosy University
    • MBA, Argosy University
    • BA, Roberts Wesleyan College

    Kurt A. Brandquist
    Information Technology

    • MS, University of Maryland
    • BS, United States Naval Academy

    Richard T. Brown

    • PhD, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
    • MS, Texas A&M University
    • BBA, Harding University

    John J. Byrne
    Management and Project Management

    • DBA, University of Sarasota
    • MBA, Wilmington University
    • BSAST, Thomas Edison State University
    • PMP

    Hugh Cameron
    Entrepreneurship and Project Management

    • MBA, Indiana Wesleyan University
    • BSEE, Purdue University

    Anthony Campo
    Business Administration

    • DBA, University of Phoenix
    • MBA, New Jersey Institute of Technology
    • MSM, New Jersey Institute of Technology
    • BSE, New Jersey Institute of Technology

    David J. Castle
    Marketing and Management

    • PhD, Northcentral University
    • MBA, Oakland University
    • BS, Oakland University

    Cheryl Chance
    Healthcare Management

    • PhD, Lynn University
    • MS, New School University
    • BS, SUNY Empire State College

    Robert Chase
    Administration and Management

    • MBA, Southern New Hampshire University
    • BS,University of Maine

    Bari Courts
    Management and Organizational Behavior

    • PhD, Capella University
    • MS, University of Cincinnati
    • BA, Kenyon College

    Karen Crisonino
    Accounting and Taxation

    • MBA, Fairleigh Dickinson University
    • BS, New Jersey City University

    Christie Cruse
    Ethics, Leadership and Management

    • EdD, Nova Southeastern University
    • MS, Mercy College
    • BA, State University of New York

    William Czander
    Ethics and Human Resource Management

    • PhD, New York University
    • BA, City College of New York

    Frank P. DeCaro
    Finance and Management

    • PhD, New York University
    • MBA, Long Island University
    • BBA, St. Francis College

    Patrick Demerath

    • PhD, University of Alabama
    • MS, Arizona State University
    • BS, St. Bonaventure University

    Samantha Duhn
    Accounting and Finance

    • PhD, Northcentral University
    • MBA, Northcentral University
    • BS, Buena Vista University

    Mahmoud El Hamamsy
    Entrepreneurship and International Business

    • PhD, City University of New York
    • MBA, New York University
    • BSE, Cairo University

    Margaret Elgin
    Leadership and Research Methods

    • PhD, University of Maryland
    • MA, Washington College
    • BA, Western Maryland College

    Erica M. Ennis
    Business Law and Ethics

    • JD, Quinnipiac University
    • MEd, Western Governors University
    • BA, University of Florida

    Janice M. Flegle
    Information Technology

    • MBA, Kaplan University
    • BS, Kennesaw State University

    Laurie Gazzale
    Economics and Finance

    • MBA, Rutgers University
    • MA, Fordham University
    • MA, Hunter College
    • BA, Hunter College

    Vernon Gerety

    • PhD, University of Arizona
    • BA, California State University - Fresno

    Jane Gibson
    Human Resource Management

    • DBA, Nova Southeastern University
    • MSHRM, Nova Southeastern University
    • BS, Fairleigh Dickinson University

    Thomas Gilbertson

    • PhD, Walden University
    • MA, Central Michigan University
    • BS, Ferris State College

    Michael Goldberg

    • MBA, Manhattan College
    • MA, Manhattan College
    • BA, Syracuse University

    Elaine Gregory
    Accounting and Finance

    • DBA, Capella University
    • MBA, North Central University
    • BSBA, Washington State University
    • CPA, CFE

    Leon M. Guendoo
    Leadership and Management

    • PhD, Capella University
    • MBA, Baruch College
    • BA, University of West Indies

    Perry Haan
    Marketing and Statistics

    • DBA,University of Sarasota
    • MBA, Xavier University
    • BS, The Ohio State University

    Diane Hamilton
    Business and Management

    • PhD, Northcentral University
    • MAOM, University of Phoenix
    • BS, Arizona State University

    Marilyn Hatcher

    • MBA, Fairleigh Dickinson University
    • BA, Montclair State University

    Brandy Havens

    • MBA, High Point University
    • BS, High Point University
    • CPA

    Nathan Himelstein
    Management and Marketing

    • EdD, Temple University
    • MBA, Seton Hall University
    • BS, Rutgers University

    Monica Hubler

    • DBA, University of Phoenix
    • MBA, University of Phoenix
    • MS, Southern New Hampshire University
    • BS, Rutgers University

    Alan J Hunt
    Economics and Ethics

    • PhD, Union Institute and University
    • MNRM, University of Manitoba
    • BSA, University of Manitoba

    Mukaria J. Itang’ata

    • PhD, Western Michigan University
    • MA, University of Manitoba
    • BA, University of Madras

    Jane Ives
    Global Management

    • PhD, University of London
    • MCS, University of London
    • BS, Mills College

    Ed Kaplan
    Accounting and Economics

    • MBA, Kent State University
    • MS, Kaplan University
    • BS, Northern Arizona University
    • CPA

    Janice Karlen
    Business, Leadership and Management

    • EdD, Seaton Hall University
    • MBA, Rutgers University
    • BS, Kean University

    Tim Kenny
    Accounting, Business and Management

    • DBA, Edinburgh University
    • MBA, Western New England College
    • MS, Regis University
    • BA, University of Southern Maine

    Michael C. King
    Ethics and Law

    • JD, George Mason University
    • BBA, Manhattan College

    Marybeth Klein
    Information Technology

    • MS, Fairleigh Dickenson University
    • BS, Thomas Edison State College
    • AS, Bergen Community College

    James J. Krolik
    Human Resource Management

    • PhD, The University of Michigan
    • MA, Eastern Michigan University
    • BS, Eastern Michigan University

    Kevin D. Kuznia

    • DBA, Ambrose University
    • MBA, University of Northern Iowa
    • MSF, Walsh College
    • MA, Ashford University
    • BTGS, Wayne State University
    • PMP

    Diana Kyser

    • MBA, New York University
    • BA, Birmingham Southern University

    Jack Lampman
    Business and Management

    • MSM, Thomas Edison State University
    • BA, Thomas Edison State University

    William H. Lauffer
    Human Resources

    • DBA, Nova Southeastern University
    • MBA, Bloomsburg University
    • BS, Bloomsburg University

    Marina Layvand

    • MBA, Pace University
    • BBA, Pace University
    • CPA

    Carmel Louis-Jacques
    Information Technology

    • PhD, Walden University
    • MIS, Strayer University
    • MLS, Washington University
    • BSBA, Strayer University

    Josephine M. Mathias
    Accounting and Finance

    • MBA, Rider University
    • MA, Rider University
    • BS, College of New Jersey

    Garry McDaniel
    Human Resource Management and Leadership

    • EdD, University of Texas at Austin
    • MEd, Texas State University
    • BS, Texas State University

    Lee E. Meadows
    Human Resources Management and Leadership

    • PhD, Michigan State University
    • MA, Michigan State University
    • BA, Michigan State University

    David Medved

    • MS, Walsh College
    • BS, Michigan State University
    • CPA, CMA, CIA

    John N. Mellon
    Hospitality Management and Marketing

    • EdD, The George Washington University
    • MBA, University of New Haven
    • BS, Pennsylvania State University

    Mitchell Miller
    Business and Finance

    • MBA, Pace University
    • BS, Brooklyn College
    • CFP, Nova Southeastern University

    David G. Moore Jr.
    Information Technology

    • PhD, Nova Southeastern University
    • MS, Nova Southeastern University
    • MBA, American Military University
    • BSAST, Thomas Edison State College

    Geoffrey K. Mugalu

    • PhD, Capella University
    • MBA, Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
    • BA, Spicer Adventist University

    Bahaudin G Mujtaba
    Ethics and Human Resources Management

    • DBA, Nova Southeastern
    • MBA, Nova Southeastern
    • BSBA, University of Central Florida

    Lawrence Ness

    • PhD, Northcentral University
    • MBA, California State University
    • BS, California State University

    Patsy Parker

    • PhD, University of Oklahoma
    • MS, Southwestern Oklahoma State University
    • BS, Southwestern Oklahoma State University

    Thomas Patrick
    Economics and Finance

    • PhD, University of Kentucky
    • MA, University of Kentucky
    • BA, Syracuse University

    Rhonda Polak
    Information Technology

    • DBA, Nova Southeastern University
    • MBA, Nova Southeastern University
    • BS, Penn State University

    Michael Powers

    • DM, University of Phoenix
    • MBA, The University of South Dakota
    • BS, The University of South Dakota

    Tim Price

    • PhD, University of South Florida
    • MBA, University of South Florida
    • BS, Penn State University

    William Reed
    Leadership and Management

    • PhD, The Union Institute
    • MS, Thomas Edison State University
    • BS, Thomas Edison State University

    Gary Robinson
    Organizational Behavior

    • PhD, Case Western Reserve University
    • MA, Southern Illinois University
    • BA, Southern Illinois University

    Robert Saldarini

    • MBA, Fairleigh Dickenson University
    • MALS, Thomas Edison State University
    • BS, Montclair State University

    Ramzi Salloum
    Economics and Management

    • PhD, Wayne State University
    • MBA, University of South Florida
    • MA, University of South Florida
    • BS, University of South Florida

    Paul Sam
    Information Technology and Project Management

    • PhD, Capella University
    • MIB, Amberton University
    • BS, University of Texas-Dallas

    Derrick Samuels
    Project Management

    • PhD, Walden University
    • MBA, University of Lagos
    • BS, University of Benin

    Helen Schleckser
    Information Systems

    • MBA, University of Phoenix
    • BA, Georgina Court University

    Thomas M. Seiler
    International Finance and Management

    • DBA, Nova Southeastern University
    • MBA, Fairleigh Dickenson University
    • MS, New York University
    • BS, Rutgers University

    Zara Sette-Roach

    • JD, Quinnipiac University
    • MPS, Stony Brook University
    • BA, Stony Brook University

    Kelvin L. Smith

    • MBA, Eastern College
    • BS, Rider University
    • CPA

    Brad Sodowick
    Healthcare Management

    • MD, Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University
    • MBA, University of Pennsylvania
    • BA, Vassar College

    Janice Spangenburg
    Leadership and Management

    • PhD, Regent University
    • MA, Fielding Grad University
    • MS, Troy University
    • BA, Saint Leo University

    Gary Stroud
    Human Resource Management

    • PhD, Capella University
    • MBA, Claremont College
    • MA, Northwestern State University
    • BA, Northwestern State University

    Sandra Stuart
    Information Technology

    • EdD, Walden University
    • MBA, Baker College
    • BS, Baker College

    Karen Sweeny
    Information Technology

    • DCS, Colorado Technical University
    • MS, University of Phoenix
    • BS, Southwestern

    Cheryl Toops
    International Management

    • MA, University of Texas at Dallas
    • BA, Southern Methodist University

    Rubina Vohra

    • PhD, Northeastern University
    • MS, Northeastern University

    Charlie Williams
    Operations Management

    • PhD, Capella University
    • MBA, Nova Southern University
    • BS, Fort Valley State University

    Lester Wills

    • PhD, Macquarie University
    • MS, Imperial College University of London
    • BS, Birkbeck College

    James D. Young

    • EdD, Auburn University
    • EdS, Troy State University
    • MBA, University of Maine
    • BS, Ohio State University

    Ahmad Zia Rawish
    International Business and Management

    • MBA, Strayed University
    • MA/MS, Kabul University
  • Accreditation Information