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ACE Credit Recommendations

ACE Credit Recommendations/Award MM (MO) EM (EO) ET (RO) TESU Course
Reactor Physics 3/UD 3/UD 3/UD NUC-303: Nuclear Physics for Technology
Nuclear Chemistry 2/LD 2/LD 2/LD NUC-212: Introduction to Nuclear Chemistry
Instrumentation and Control w/lab 3/UD 3/UD 3/UD NUC-351: Nuclear instrument and Control
Introduction to Nuclear Systems 3/UD 3/UD 3/UD NUC-365: Reactor Fundamentals
Applied Physics w/lab 4/LD 4/LD 4/LD PHY-115: Physics 1 w/lab
Introduction to Radiological Science w/lab 3/LD 3/LD 3/LD NUC-241: Introduction to Radiation Safety
Concepts of Chemistry w/lab 4/LD 4/LD 4/LD CHE-121: General Chemistry 1 w/lab
Intermediate Algebra 3/LD 3/LD 3/LD MAT-115: Intermediate Algebra
Industrial Safety 3/UD 3/UD 3/UD MFT-376: Industrial Safety
Thermal Sciences w/Lab 4/LD 4/LD 4/LD EGM-321: Thermodynamics
DC Circuit Analysis W/Lab 4/LD 4/LD 4/LD ELE-211: DC Circuits
AC Circuit Analysis W/Lab 4/LD 4/LD 4/LD ELE-212: AC Circuits

Power School Totals
Industrial Sensor Circuits X X 3/UD ELT-308: Industrial Electronics
Technical Mathematics 3/LD 3/LD X MAT-101: Technical Mathematics I
Steam Turbines w/Lab 3/LD X X MRN-223: Steam Generators 1
DC Electricity w/Lab X 3/LD 3/LD ELE-211: DC Circuits
AC Electricity w/Lab X 3/LD 3/LD ELE-212: AC Circuits
Mechanical Devices w/Lab 3/LD X X EGM-231: Fluid Machinery
Mechanical Instruments and Tools w/Lab 3/LD X X CTR-211: Electronic Instrument and Control
Principles of Heat Transfer 3/UD X X EGM-323: Heat Transfer
Digital Electronics w/Lab X 3/LD 3/LD ELD-201: Intro to Digital Electronics
Solid State Devices w/Lab X 3/UD 3/UD ELT-306: Solid State Devices and Circuits
Semiconductor Fundamentals w/Lab X 3/LD 3/LD ELT-201: Intro to Solid State Devices
Digital Systems w/Lab X 3/LD 3/LD ELD-221: Digital Systems
Industrial Sensor Circuits Lab X X 1/LD ELE-299: Special Topics
Electrical Systems Lab X 1/LD X ELD-102: Basic Electronics Lab

A School Totals
Electrical Safety w/Lab X X 3/LD ELT-221: Intro. To Industrial Electronics
Industrial Electronics w/Lab X X 3/LD ELT-221: Intro Industrial Electronics
Digital Logic w/Lab X X 3/UD ELD-302: Digital Electronics

Maintenance School Total
Introduction to Radiological Science w/Lab 3/LD 3/LD 3/LD NUC-241: Intro to Radiation Safety
Engine Room Resource Management 3/UD 3/UD 3/ULD OPM-301: Operations Management
Motor Controls w/Lab 3/LD 3LD X CTR-202: Intro Controls Systems Motors
Instrumentation w/Lab X X 3/UD NUC-351: Nuclear Instrument and Control
Technical Communications 3/LD 3/LD 3/LD ENG-202: Technical Communications
Industrial Safety 3/UD 3/UD 3/UD MFT-376: Industrial Safety
Concepts Of Chemistry w/Lab 4/LD 4/LD 4/LD CHE-121: General Chemistry 1 w/Lab
TOTALS 74 84 93  

Credit will only be AWARDED FOR THE ONE POWER SCHOOL THAT ALIGNS WITH THE STUDENT’S OCCUPATION as indicated on the top of the first page of the JST.