Master of Science Outcomes

Graduates of the Master of Science degree program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate mastery, orally and in writing, of the knowledge, techniques, skills, modern tools, and advanced technologies of the appropriate discipline
  • Initiate, design and conduct research
  • Integrate theoretical concepts and research findings into product and/or process innovation
  • Incorporate productivity measurement and project planning tools to plan, manage, and evaluate constant improvement projects that support organizational goals
  • Demonstrate leadership in the workplace through the use of advanced technological and management tools and techniques
  • Evaluate the impact of ethical and cultural influences on organizational interactions and/or decisions

Leverage Your Training

Have you earned a professional license or certification, or acquired college-level technical expertise on the job? If so, it may be worth college credit. The University also offers a variety of other ways to earn credit, including transferring previous college credits, all designed around the needs of adult learners, like you.

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