Enrollment FAQs

How do I enroll in a degree program at Thomas Edison State University?

To become an enrolled student, simply select a tuition plan. Enrollment is the method by which a student actively pursues a degree at Thomas Edison State University. Students are enrolled at Thomas Edison State University when they have selected an academic degree program and make payment under an appropriate tuition plan. A student's enrollment start date is defined as the date the University receives the payment for the selected enrollment option and provides enrolled status and services for 12 months.

A student's enrollment date is defined as the date the University receives the Comprehensive Tuition or the 10th day of a term in which the student enrolls under the Per Credit Tuition Plan. This tuition covers a period of one year of service. Students who are enrolled in the Per Credit Tuition Plan must earn at least three Thomas Edison State University credits in each continuous 12 month period to maintain activity. Students who are enrolled with the University under these plans may choose to complete their degree requirements at TESU or by assessment or transfer credits or through a combination of both methods. This enrolled student status requirement applies even if you select a degree program for which we do not offer all the courses you must take to meet the requirements.

Students enrolled in some Thomas Edison State University degree programs, such as School of Nursing programs, and through contractual and military agreements [i.e., Corporate Choice®, GoArmyEd, Military Degree Completion Program (MDCP), Navy College Program, and the Rutgers University School of Health Related Professions joint degree program], maintain the enrolled student status by demonstrating academic activity by attempting a minimum of 3 semester hour credits over the course of the 12 month period for which they are enrolled.

In addition, students enrolled in Thomas Edison State University through the enrollment plans listed below must complete a credit hour residency requirement in order to graduate from Thomas Edison State University:

  • Per Credit Tuition Plan
  • Military Degree Completion Plan
  • Navy College Partnership Program
  • GoArmyEd/eArmyU Program

Residency requirements are courses that you must complete at Thomas Edison State University. Residency requirements at Thomas Edison State University do not mean that you must physically come to the University or attend courses at any physical location.


How do I check my enrollment status?

You can check your enrolled student status in myEdison. Your Student Profile page shows "Student Status" on the top right.


What are the benefits to having and maintaining enrolled student status?

You must maintain continuous enrolled student status in the University by selecting one of the enrollment plans at least once a year in order to be eligible to continue under the same degree requirements shown on your academic evaluation.

You must maintain continuous enrollment in the University to be eligible to apply for and be reviewed for graduation. This student status requirement applies even if you select a degree program for which we do not offer all the courses you must take to meet the requirements or if you need additional time beyond your annual enrollment to complete your final course(s) with Thomas Edison State University.

As an enrolled student, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with a University advisor to thoroughly review your evaluation and develop a degree program. During this important process, your advisor will work with you to develop a pathway that maps out how you will earn your degree.

As an enrolled student, you will have enhanced access to myEdison, the University's online course management system, which enables you access your courses. Students can register in real time for courses online through Online Student Services. You may also register via telephone by calling (888) 442-8372 Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., via fax at (609) 292-1657 or via the U.S. mail.

As an enrolled student, you will be eligible to register for Thomas Edison State University courses at enrolled student rates or up to 36 credits at no cost if you select the comprehensive plan.


What should I do if my enrolled student status lapses?

If your enrolled student status lapses at any point, and you have not officially requested and been approved for a Catalog Year Extension from the University, you are officially no longer pursuing a degree plan at Thomas Edison State University. You will not be able to return to graduate at a later date with the same degree plan if your enrolled student status has lapsed.

Should you decide to return in the future, you will be required to complete the degree requirements and follow University policies in effect at the time of your return. Please be aware that there may be significant differences between your original academic evaluation and plan and the new ones and you may be required to complete more courses than were required when your enrolled student status ended.

You may continue to take courses at Thomas Edison State University as a nonmatriculated or non-degree seeking student. However, you will no longer have access to an academic evaluation online and you will need to reapply in the future in order to determine your new degree requirements.