Degree Programs and Certificates

The Degree Programs and Certificates section of the Catalog contains information on all degree programs and certificates offered by Thomas Edison State University.  The section is organized into the following main categories:

Undergraduate Degrees (Associate and Bachelor's)
Most associate degree programs are 60 credits; most bachelor's degree programs are 120 credits.

Undergraduate Certificates
Most undergraduate certificates are 18 credits; all certificates can be leveraged into degree programs offered at the University.

Master's Degrees
Most master's degree programs are 36 credits; all master's degree programs are offered completely online.

Graduate Certificates
All graduate certificates are 12-18 credits and offered completely online.

Professional Certificates (noncredit)
Noncredit professional certificates are offered completely online.

What You Can Study (Area of Study Index)
This is an index of all degree and certificate programs offered by the University.

Different By Design
This chart lists all undergraduate and graduate programs based on how students can complete them, including programs that can be completed using only courses and exams offered by the University and those that require students to take courses at other regionally accredited institutions.