Textbooks & Course Materials 

Students are responsible for acquiring all the textbooks and materials required for the courses they choose. The cost for course materials is not included in tuition and registration fees. Students will arrange payment directly with the textbook provider and may select any textbook provider that offers the books and materials they need for a particular course.

Many students choose to use MBS Direct for their course materials. Students may also obtain used textbooks through the Textbook Swap located in myEdison®, which is a forum designed to help students swap or sell textbooks for Thomas Edison State University courses and exams.

Whatever method you choose, you will need to supply the course codes of the Thomas Edison State University courses for which you have registered. For a preview of what is required in a course, go to Course Offerings at www.tesu.edu/courses, select the course in which you are interested and choose Preview the Online Syllabus option.

Another way to learn what materials are required before you order is by going to the MBS Direct website. MBS Direct maintains a section on its website devoted to Thomas Edison State University. There you can see at a glance what materials are required for the courses you are taking, and you can calculate the cost. This information is also available through the MBS Direct call center at (800) 325-3252.  

Course Manuals
In online and Guided Study courses, the syllabus, handbook and specific course information are available when you logon to the course for which you are registered. You will receive a password and user name for courses with your registration confirmation. The e-Pack® courses do not require a course manual.

Most courses, except Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), require textbooks.

Study Guides
Some courses may require a study guide.

Media Components
Some of the University’s courses require the use of media in addition to other materials. Please contact MBS Direct to see which media components are necessary.

Computer Software
A few of the University’s courses require the use of computer software.

Contact Information for MBS Direct

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) students do not need to purchase course materials or textbooks from MBS Direct. However, the course mentor may suggest readings and additional materials to support your electronic portfolio.