About NCPACE Courses

Thomas Edison State University participates in the Navy College Program for Afloat College Education (NCPACE)
Program. The program is delivered primarily using self-paced CD-ROM technology, allowing students to continue their education while deployed and without reliable, consistent Internet access.  Courses associated with the NCPACE programs are known as NC PACE courses.

Current NCPACE courses:

  • BIO-208: Science of Nutrition
  • COM-330: Interpersonal Communication
  • CTR-212: Programmable Logic Controllers
  • EAS-201: The Science of Natural Disasters
  • ENG-201: Technical Writing
  • HIS-301: African History and Culture
  • HIS-356: War and American Society
  • MAN-331: Human Resources Management
  • MAT-231: Calculus I
  • MAT-232: Calculus II
  • PHI-384: Ethics and the Business Professional
  • PSY-300: Thanatology: An Understanding of Death and Dying
  • PSY-350: Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY-352: Psychology of Personality
  • REL-406: Eastern Religions

Note: Students who have taken a NC PACE course with Thomas Edison State University must still apply to the school to pursue a degree program.