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Free Test Prep Materials for TECEP® Exams

At Thomas Edison State University we believe that what you know is more important than where you learned it. Our TECEP® examination program was created with that philosophy in mind. It gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of specific college-level subjects by taking exams. By receiving a passing score on a TECEP® exam, students earn 3 credits.

But how do you prepare for a TECEP® exam? Well, there are a number of ways. Each TECEP® exam comes with a test description that gives you an idea of the topics that are covered, information about the test format, and sample test questions. Test descriptions also suggest a few commercial textbooks you can use to study ahead of time. However, the price of textbooks has gotten a little out of hand, so we put together this guide of free and openly licensed study materials that you can use.

Free? Openly Licensed? What does that mean?

Free: All of the materials in this guide are 100% free. There are no hidden costs, sign-up fees or subscriptions you have to buy. For some, you will be required to create a user account with an email address, but that is the extent of the sign in required. You can just click and read (or watch) anything in this guide.

Openly Licensed: You may have heard the phrases "open educational resources", "open source", and "openly licensed" in the news and not really been sure what they meant. Well, something that is openly licensed can be used without specific permission from the author or copyright holder. You can edit, delete, and change (depending on the license) these videos and textbooks however you want, and then republish them on the Internet, or share them with your friends without having to worry about getting into legal trouble. You could even put together your own textbook by pasting together the chapters, sections, or videos that you found most helpful.

Please keep in mind, however, that none of these resources were designed by Thomas Edison State University, so we cannot guarantee that you will succeed just by using them. You can think of them as study tools, like the textbooks. In the guide below, the TECEP® categories are in bold, and below them are links to the test descriptions, as well as links to the free resources you can use to prepare for the exams.

Good Luck!

English Composition

English Composition I (ENC-101-TE) and English Composition II (ENC-102-TE)


Public Relations Thought & Practice (COM-210-TE)

Environmental Ethics (ETH-210-TE)

Technical Writing (ENG-201-TE)

Introduction to News Reporting (JOU-110-TE)

Introduction to Critical Reasoning (PHI-130-TE)

Social Sciences

Microeconomics (ECO-112-TE)

Introduction to Political Science (POS-101-TE)

World History from 1600 to Present (HIS-126-TE)

Introduction to Comparative Politics (POS-282-TE)

Psychology of Women (PSY-270-TE)

Abnormal Psychology (PSY-350-TE)

Marriage and the Family (SOC-210-TE)

Natural Sciences/Mathematics

The Science of Nutrition (BIO-208-TE)

Applied Liberal Arts Mathematics (MAT-105-TE)

Principles of Statistics (STA-201-TE)

Business and Management

Principles of Financial Accounting (ACC-101-TE)

Principles of Managerial Accounting (ACC-102-TE)

Federal Income Taxation (ACC-421-TE)

Business in Society (BUS-311-TE)

Strategic Management (BUS-421-TE)

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (FIN-321-TE)

Financial Institutions and Markets (FIN-331-TE)

Marketing Communications (MAR-321-TE)

Managerial Communications (MAN-373-TE)

Sales Management (MAR-322-TE)

Advertising (MAR-323-TE)

Negotiations and Conflict Management (NEG-401-TE)

Operations Management (OPM-301-TE)

Computer Science Technology

Network Technology (CMP-354-TE)

Applied Science and Technology

Medical Terminology (APS-100-TE)

Radiation Safety Officer (APS-289-TE)