Officers of the University

George A. Pruitt, President

Linda M. Meehan, Chief of Staff

William J. Seaton, Provost and Vice President 

Christopher Stringer, Vice President for Administration and Finance 

Mary Ellen Caro, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Learner Services

John P. Thurber, Vice President for Public Affairs

Dennis W. Devery, Vice President for Institutional Planning and Research

Robin A. Walton, Vice President for Community and Government Affairs

Barbara M. Kleva, General Counsel


Academic Deans

Dr. John O. Aje
Dean, School of Applied Science and Technology
Dr. John R. Woznicki
Dean, Heavin School of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Michael Williams
Dean, School of Business and Management
Dr. Filomela Marshall
Dean, W. Cary Edwards School of Nursing
Dr. Joseph Youngblood II
Vice Provost and Dean, John S. Watson School of Public Service & Continuing Studies