Costs & Tuition

The AAST partnership plan benefits include a reduced per credit cost. The AAST member pays only for credits attempted. There is no annual fee.

AAST – TESU Partnership

  NJ Residents Out of State Residents
Application Fee $75 $75
Per Credit Tuition Plan
Undergraduate $375 per credit $483 per credit
Graduate $635 per credit
MBA $678 per credit
Comprehensive Tuition Plan
  $7,300 $9,820


This benefits AAST members for a few reasons. First, there is no requirement for payment of fees not generally reimbursed by employers. Second, this is a structure that works for the AAST member pursuing employer reimbursement and finally, the student can take as many or as few courses yearly as desired.

If the AAST member plan does not meet the student's requirements, he or she can choose any of the other TESU plans.

AAST members will have access to all the same tuition plans as all students.


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