What is a Career and Workforce Coach Facilitator?

Career and workforce coach facilitators work in a variety of career coaching and workforce development settings. While they might have a different approach, they have the same goal:  to improve the employment opportunities of individuals by helping them identify, find and maintain careers and jobs. 

Today, thousands of people are employed in private organizations, federal, state and local government programs and schools and colleges to deliver career and workforce development and career coaching services. These professionals work in state offices, city and county programs, schools and colleges, the military, juvenile justice systems, rehabilitation agencies, community-based organizations, and faith-based organizations.  Their job titles include job coaches, teachers, military career counselors, college and high school career services coordinators, trainers, human resource specialists, counselors, job developers, intake workers, interviewers and employment specialists.

This online course is composed of 12 learning modules and is designed to prepare both veterans in the field as well as newcomers to meet the challenges of working in a variety of career coaching and workforce development settings.   It integrates career coaching and workforce development concepts with learning applications to the work setting.