Fundraising for Nonprofits

This course is not being offered at this time. We will update this website when the course becomes available.

Fundraising for Nonprofits is an online, noncredit course focusing on the  the basic principles behind giving and receiving so that students can sustain the critical work of their organizations.

From a base-level of knowledge, students escalate to an exploration of the many integrated fundraising plan components, such as building a case for support, conducting an annual fund, overseeing a direct mail campaign, soliciting major gifts, advising about planned giving, hosting special events, designing corporate and individual strategies, and encouraging cultivation and stewardship. While not every nonprofit has the means to do all of this, there is not a single nonprofit organization that could not be doing a better job of fundraising than it currently is.

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Speak the 'lingo' of fundraising fluently
  • Fully understand the culture of philanthropy and the role philanthropy plays in sustaining your organization
  • Identify the needs of your organization
  • Build a clear case for support
  • Analyze the different giving types and comprehend the "philanthropic exchange" in its many forms
  • Solicit funds in an ethical manner

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Tuition: $395