ABCs of Nonprofit Accounting

This course is not being offered at this time. We will update this website when the course becomes available.

The ABC's of Nonprofit Accounting is an online, noncredit course that examines the bookkeeping process in the nonprofit sector given how important it is for management to track financial activity in an organization. The course explores the internal controls that oversee financial activity and how these controls assist in adhering to government compliance, rules and regulations. In the process, students learn about the application of debits and credits and their relationship to the basic accounting elements of assets, liabilities, fund balance, revenue and expenses. The course is structured into eight modules and can be accessed when and where it's convenient for you. Students should expect to spend about three hours per week completing the course.

Schedule & Tuition

This course is not being offered at this time. We will update this website when the course becomes available.

Tuition: $350.00

What Will You Learn?

  • The relationship between bookkeeping and accounting and the related business activities of documenting, recording and summarizing financial data.
  • The importance of good financial information and the impact it has on board and management's ability to make well-informed decisions.
  • A clear understanding of double entry bookkeeping and its relationship to the cash basis vs. accrual basis of accounting.
  • Practical skills to build a bookkeeping system within a framework of five basic steps to setting up a chart of accounts.
  • The process and order of recording financial transactions and related source documents in order to develop and create financial statements.
  • Knowledge of the relationship between the statement of activity, the statement of financial position and other financial statements.
  • How to record funds contributed from donors.
  • Bookkeeping reporting requirements during and after the bookkeeping/ accounting period is closed out.
  • The four main components of internal control and their impact on the business transactions a nonprofit organization.

Who Should Attend?
The course is geared to anyone with an interest in or responsibility for the way financial activity in a nonprofit organization is handled. You do not have to be a chief financial officer, comptroller or a member of the business office to benefit from the material covered in this course. The course is equally applicable to office staff, volunteers and senior executives, all of whom must understand financial reports being submitted on the organization's behalf. Newly-hired frontline staff who have aspirations of professional growth and greater leadership roles in the future will benefit from the course as well.

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