Steps to Becoming A Certified Teacher Under the Alternate Route

Steps to Becoming a Certified K-12 Teacher in the State of New Jersey Under The Alternate Route to Teaching Guidelines

  1. Complete an undergraduate degree with a major in a content area and/or 60 credits in humanities or liberal arts. TESU's degree completion programs are ideal for this requirement.
  2. Complete the 24-hour Pre-Service course, "An Introduction to the Teaching Profession"
  3. Complete both the standardized content assessment(s), i.e., PRAXIS, and the Physiology and Hygiene Requirement. The latter requirement may be completed by presenting evidence of basic military training, OR by completing a course such as biology, health or nutrition that appears on a regionally accredited 2 or 4 year college or university transcript, OR by completing a 35 question True/False test administered in the county office of education.
  4. Apply for Certificate of Eligibility (CE) through the New Jersey Department of Education, which enables the candidate to seek a teaching position under the New Jersey Alternate Route to Teaching guidelines.
  5. Begin formal instruction upon hire by a school district or be accepted to an approved Alternate Route to Teaching pre-service program like Teach for America or New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey.

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