Opportunities for Earning Credit

The Counterterrorism Certificate Program is a non-credit program. Although the program does not offer college credit, students have the option of pursuing two avenues of earning credit that may be applied to a degree program at Thomas Edison State University, including the Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness or the Bachelor in Science in Criminal Justice.

In the first case, students may choose to apply for credit by demonstrating prior learning in a specific sub-discipline of Homeland Security (such as Intelligence) when they provide documented proof of learning achieved beyond the completion of the program or course objectives provided in this certificate program.

If a student comes to this program with prior training, education and/or experience in police, military, or private security occupations that is directly related to intelligence operations, meeting the following criteria could lead to a successful Prior Learning Assessment in a specific course.

  • Student demonstrates and documents prior study and successful achievement of college level learning outcomes though training or course work at a bona fide educational institution…and/or
  • Student served in a direct or support role in the military, police, or private security intelligence area and can demonstrates and documents specific experience that meets the criterion for a specific college level learning outcome or outcomes…and/or
  • Student, through a combination of sources, documents achieved proficiency in specific outcomes contained within this certificate program at a sufficient level for college course work.

If the outcomes demonstrated by prior training or education, prior experience, plus the outcomes achieved within this certificate program are documented to be at a college level and satisfy all college level outcomes for an established college level course (as per current PLA policy), then the student may be granted college level credit for that course, as an elective in the Criminal Justice or Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness degree programs.

Students interested in pursuing the matter of earning college credit toward a degree program at Thomas Edison State University are urged to confer with a college admissions advisor.