Information Technology Management

The Information Technology for Public Service area of study focuses on how IT simultaneously impedes and enables connectivity between private citizens, the business sector, nonprofit organizations and government. Specific technologies and their applications in the public sector are highlighted, as well as identifying the core principles relevant to both managing IT and inducing lasting organizational change.

Area of Study Requirements Credits
Required 6
  • Managing Information & Technology in the Public Sector
  • E-Government in Urban & Public Service
Students may select two of the following: 6
  • Science, Technology & Public Policy
  • Ethical Implications for IT Professionals in Public Service
Total 12 credits

Learning Outcomes for this Area of Study

  • Identify and contrast the uses of specific IT systems in the public sector
  • Identify and evaluate the IT induced organizational changes in the public sector
  • Identify and categorize the principles of managing IT in the public sector