IT Management Certificate Program

NOTE: This course is not being offered at this time. We will update this website when the course becomes available.

The Information Technology (IT) Certificate Program is a coherent sequence of seven courses that provide relevant managerial and/or technical experience for those desiring to establish a management career in information technology. The program is designed to meet industry's challenge of identifying and recruiting competent personnel ready to engage and lead an effective information technology organization - people, processes, and technology – characterized by optimal IT efficiency, effectiveness, and IT-Business alignment.

To compete and survive in the global business environment, managers must be able to leverage and manage technology and technology-related resources and processes to achieve optimal efficiency and sustained business competitiveness. Enterprise leaders and IT professionals must understand enough about IT operations to work in an intelligent and effective manner no matter the kind of operation they manage. It is therefore critical that managers and technical leaders in both the public and private sectors understand IT operations so that they are able to properly guide, manage, and support both information technology and business staffs to meet corporate objectives.

Taking a leadership role in developing and defining the strategy, standards, guidelines, and best practices related to managing an information technology organization is critical for maintaining a viable enterprise. To understand the nature and interaction between people, processes, and technology across multiple dimensions involves many factors, some quite complex. The Information Technology (IT) Certificate Program emphasizes the following topics in an effort to prepare students for real-world situations: IT fundamentals, leadership and principles of effective management; application, delivery and life cycle management practices; data and database management; network management; enterprise architecture principles and management, and project/program management.

It is important to note that information technology management is dynamic and provides an challenge that needs to be dealt with on a daily basis and in all aspects of society (personal, business, and government). No enterprise can do without managers who know how to develop appropriate policies and provide technologies in order for the organization to operate and thrive.

The focus of the Information Technology (IT) Certificate Program is on those currently in IT who are seeking to improve their IT management capabilities as well as those aspiring to jump-start an IT-related career. The cutting-edge curriculum emphasizes the "what" versus the "how" within each course. The objective is to develop well-trained information technology leaders and professionals as well as to increase management's awareness and understanding of key elements of IT management. It is the linkage between IT effectiveness and management that is key to business success. For this reason, we include such non-technical considerations as staffing and resource management in the curriculum. The technical and managerial blend of content covering both information technologies components and associated management strategies is what differentiates this program from many others.