RN to BSN Program Requirements

The BSN degree requires a minimum of 120 credits:

  • 60 in general education
  • 48 in nursing
  • 12 free electives.

General Education Requirements
The 60-credit requirement in general education provides students with a broad background in knowledge of intellectual and practical skills, human cultures and the physical and natural world, and personal and social responsibility, and a foundation for the professional nursing requirements and graduate study.

Professional Nursing Requirements
The 48-credit nursing requirement includes 20 credits of lower-division nursing and 28 credits of upper-division nursing.

Lower-Division Nursing
The 20-credit lower-division nursing requirement will be satisfied by transfer credit from an associate degree nursing program or by the award of credit for diploma nursing course work.

Upper-Division Nursing
The 28-credit upper-division nursing requirement may be completed entirely by online courses offered by the School of Nursing. Three graduate courses, Advanced Health Assessment, Health Policy, and Nursing Informatics: Concepts and Issues, will be completed by all BSN degree students as part of upper-division nursing requirements. These nine graduate credits will apply to MSN degree requirements at Thomas Edison State University.

Free Elective Requirements
Twelve credits of college-level course work and examinations that do not duplicate other credits may be used, with a maximum of eight credits from physical education activity courses.