Nurse Educator Certificate Program

The Nurse Educator Certificate Program is designed for experienced RNs with a master's in nursing in another area of nursing specialty who want to develop the knowledge and skills needed to teach in schools of nursing and healthcare settings. The program includes three theory courses and the student's choice of either an on-ground education practicum or online education practicum, or both for a total of 12-15 credits. The student will select a preceptor and teaching site for the On-ground Practicum. An online learning environment provided by the W. Cary Edwards School of Nursing will be the setting for the Online Practicum and the student will be precepted by the practicum course mentor. The total number of credits required for the certificate is determined by the student's choice of one or both practicums.

Nurse Educator Certificate Program Competencies

On completion of the Nurse Educator Certificate Program the graduate will be able to meet the following competencies:

  1. apply theories of education and related sciences to the development and evaluation of nursing and healthcare curricula
  2. facilitate learning of individuals and groups using theories of education, nursing, testing and evaluation, and technological innovation
  3. apply leadership strategies to contribute to the ongoing development of the profession of nursing and nursing education
  4. utilize research to analyze the outcomes of nursing interventions and improve nursing practice and nursing pedagogy
  5. apply strategies which recognize multicultural factors in teaching and learning
  6. utilize theories of change to advance the profession of nursing
  7. analyze ethical theories and ethical decision making in the educational setting
  8. analyze trends in healthcare and nursing education and their impact on the profession of nursing, nursing education, and the delivery of patient care
  9. design curriculum, implement and evaluate curriculum based on sound educational principles, theory, and research
Specialty Courses Credits
Theoretical Foundations & Instructional Strategies in Nursing Education (NUR-630) 3
Curriculum Theory & Development in Nursing Education (NUR-700) 3
Testing, Assessment & Evaluation (NUR-710) 3
Nurse Educator: Seminar and Practicum 1 (NUR-740)*
Nurse Educator: Seminar and Practicum II (NUR-750)* 3
Total 12-15 credits
*Note: Completion of 120 on-ground, supervised hours is required in each Practicum course. Application for Practicum placement is submitted six months in advance. If taking both, the Practicums must be taken consecutively at the same facility.